Though there are plenty of reasons why you need a blog in your Magento 2 store but driving traffic stands out the most. Our Magento Blog extension helps you to provide value to your customers, promote your products and improve the online visibility of your brand. 

Blog extension is also a great option if you need to manage everything within one admin panel. It offers you plenty of import options if you want to move to Magefan Blog from other vendors. 

Magefan Blog Import

However, you can also export blog posts in CSV when required. And we'll teach you how in this article.

To export Magento blog posts in CSV format: 

Note: you need to have Magento 2 Blog Extra edition. 

  1. Navigate to Content > Blog > Posts
  2. Find the Export to option, select CSV and press Export.

Magento Export Blog Posts in CSV

Once you export the blog posts in CSV, you can import them to any other instance or CRM you need. However, if you're moving the blog content between multiple instances with Magefan Blog, it's better to move it through a database

For more information, check out the benefits of Blog Extra Extension.