NOTE: You can make the configuration of auto-related products if you use Blog Plus or Blog Extra extension only.

In order to enable related products please go to Admin Panel > Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Blog, find  Post View section and choose Related Products subsection.

Magento 2 Autorelated Posts, Post View

Related Products

1. In the Display Related Products select box enable related products by choosing Yes.

2. In the Enable Auto Related Related Products (Blog+) select box choose Yes to enable auto-related products. The system generates blog-related products automatically by the most frequently used words from your posts and products. Thus it is mostly concentrated on the content and title.

3. In the Black Words For Auto Related field enter words which have not been used for search of related products. You don't need to enter one letter words e.g. (I, 1, 2), extension already skip such words. 

Magento 2 Auto-Related Products

Once you have finished don't forget to press the Save Config button and wait some time for the system to generate the related posts by cron (~ few hours).

Magento 2 Auto-Related Products, Save Config

Once the products are auto-related to some blog posts, these related blog posts will appear in the Product Information. Also for Blog Plus and Extra users, there is the option to Manage Related Blog Posts from the Product Edit Page

Manage Magento 2 related Blog Posts from Product Edit Page