Blog is a great tool not only to drive traffic to a website but to boost brand awareness and promote your products. That is why the related blog products feature in Magento 2 Blog can really come in handy.

However, it can be challenging to add related products to each blog post manually, especially if you have a lot of posts. You need auto-related blog products for this.

Note: you can configure auto-related products only if you use Blog Plus or Blog Extra.

To configure auto-generation of related blog products:

1. Go to Admin Panel > Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Blog > Post View > Related Products.

Blog Post View Page Configuration

2. Enable the Display Related Products option.

3. Set the Number of Products to display on the blog post page.

4. Enable Auto Related Related Products (Blog+). The system generates blog-related products automatically by the most frequently used words from your posts and products. Thus, it is based on the description and title.

5. In the Black Words For Auto Related field enter words you want to ignore. You don't need to enter one-letter words e.g. (I, 1, 2), extension already skips such words. 

Magento 2 Related Products Blog

Once you finish don't forget to press the Save Config button and wait some time for the system to generate the related posts by cron (~ few hours). Here is how they will look like on the storefront:

Blog Related Products

After the products are auto-related to some blog posts, these related blog posts will appear in the Product Information.

Blog Plus and Extra users can use the option to manage related blog posts from the product edit page. You can configure the following:

  • Display Post on Product Page
  • Display Product on Post Page

Manage Magento 2 related Blog Posts from Product Edit Page

Besides, related blog posts will also be available on the product page on the storefront:

Related Blog Posts

With the related products in your blog, you improve navigation on your website and allow customers to check related products from blog and related articles from the product pages.

And auto-related products option allows you to automate the process and add products to posts automatically in a few clicks.

However, you can manage your blog even easier with the advanced features of Blog Plus and Extra. Check out the advantages of these Blog Editions.