If you manage Blog in Magento 2 store you have the best place to promote your products. You can add product blocks in blog content or add related products at the bottom of the post.

You encourage people to view your catalog and purchase your products.

However, when you have a lot of blog posts it can be time-consuming to look for products and add them manually for each blog post. That is why there is a related product rule to help you out and here you will learn how to configure it.

Note: you can set up related product rules only if you use Blog Plus or Blog Extra.

To configure blog related product rule in Magento 2:

1. Go to Content > Blog > Posts and choose the blog posts you want to configure the related products rule for.

Magento 2 Blog Posts2. Scroll down to the Related Product Rules section and set the Conditions based on product attributes like category, SKU, price, etc.

Note: if some attribute is missing in the attributes list, you have to add attribute to the sales rules conditions.

Related Product Rules in Magento 2

3. Once you finish with the related product rules don't forget to Save the blog post and check the related products on the storefront:

Magento 2 Blog Related Products

Note: if there are some related products you've added manually when creating blog post, they will have higher priority.

Once related products are added, the Related Blog Posts section will appear on the product editing page (Catalog > Products).

Products generated by the rule are marked as Related by Rule.

The other options available:

  • Display Post On Product Page — to define whether the blog post with this related product should be displayed on the product page Related Posts section.
  • Display Product On Post Page — to define if this product should be displayed on blog posts page. This provides you flexibility in related blog posts and products configuration.

Related Blog Posts on Product Page

Related Product Rules make it easier for you to add related products to blog posts. However, you still need to set these rules for each blog post.

In case you want to set related products globally, for all blog posts at once, configure auto-related blog products.