Adding product blocks in Magento 2 WYSIWYG editor allows you to promote some of your products in Magento 2 blog posts, CMS content, and any other pages containing WYSIWYG editor.

Showing your customers as much information about the product in the product widget will encourage them to have a look and potentially get interested in buying it.

In Magento 2 you can easily insert product blocks into the WYSIWYG editor using the Magento 2 Product Widget Advanced Extension.

In order to add product block to Magento 2 WYSIWYG editor take the following steps:

1. Navigate to any Magento 2 page containing the WYSWYG editor, put the cursor where you want the product block to be inserted and press the Widget tool in the Content section.

Magento 2 Widget Tool

2. Choose Product Widget Advanced by Magefan as a Widget Type.

Magento 2 Widget Type

3. Configure the product Widget Options.

  • Select Product you want to display in the widget.
  • Choose whether to Display product Image, Reviews, Price, and "Add to Cart" button.

Magento 2 Widget Options

  • Display product Description option allows you to choose between displaying product Short Description, Custom Product Attribute, or Custom Text.
  • Display Read More Link and set the Read More Link Text.
  • Add Custom Template if you don't want the default one to be used.

Magento 2 Product Widget Options

4. See the widget appear in the WYSIWYG editor once you Save it.

Magento 2 Product Widget Advanced by Magefan

5. Don't forget to Save the page you are adding the product widget to and go to the storefront to check it.

Magento 2 Product Widget in Blog Posts