In Magento 1 we commonly saw that merchants have used Magento for an online store and some other CMS, e.g. WordPress, Joomla or Drupal for blogging, then installing different tools to make the integration between these systems.

For Magento 2 we have developed Blog extension to allow you to have a store and a blog in one place. We want to show the advantages of using Magefan Blog Module over Integration modules or systems:

1. Security

Magento is one of the safest frameworks. Safety is the top priority for any successful business. And it's known that  WordPress and other blogging CMS are not famous for their security, especially when being installed with additional modules. That's why using Magento extension which expands Magento itself is better. Magefan Blog extension has passed over all verifications on Magento Marketplace, including security and it is safe to use. 

2. Easier To Maintain

Using Magento Blog module you maintain just one platform -  Magento, not Magento and WordPress, Magento and Drupal or Magento and Joomla. In case you need to add some new features like integrate some tracking pixels or even update the system you do it just with Magento and its extensions.

3. 100% Integration

When you use Magento 2 Blog extension you have 100% blog and store integration, which can't be achieved with the integration module. On the blog pages, you can have access to customers, products and any other store data as well as on catalog pages you can reach blog data (e.g. related articles).

4. One Design

Magento 2 Blog module allows you to use the same templates and styles for the header, footer, sidebar that makes a blog looks similar to your store pages automatically.

5. Same Features and Import Wizard

With the help of Magefan Blog for Magento 2, you can have the same functionality as on the blogging CMS. We provide Import Wizard which allows you to import the blog module from WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS. 


Please check our Magento 2 Blog module or contact us to find out more.