Magento 2 Blog Plus and Blog Extra v2.9.1 has been released with new options to set the dates format and disable dates displaying. Please note that the options described in this article are available only for the Blog Plus and Blog Extra users. In order to configure blog dates displaying in Magento 2 navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Blog.

Post Date

In the Design ( Blog+) section you can enable the Display Posts Publication Date and set the Posts Publication Date Format. 

Magento 2 blog post publish date configuration

To learn more about date formats follow the link.

That is how it looks like on the storefront:

magento 2 blog post publish date

In case you disable the Display Posts Publication Date, it will not be displayed in the post information on the storefront.


Magento 2 blog plus design

Comments Date

The publication date is displayed not only for blog posts, but blog post comments as well. In the Post View section of blog configurations find the Comments option and set the Comments Date Format (Blog+). Note: that the comments publication date option is available only if you choose to use Magefan Blog Comments.

Magento 2 comment publish date configuration

That is how it looks like on the storefront:

Magento 2 blog comments publication date 

Archive Date

There is one more date configuring option available. To configure it go to the Sidebar section of blog configurations, find the Archive Widget and set the Archive Date Format.

Magento 2 blog archive widget

That is how it looks like on the storefront:

Magento 2 blog archive date format


Have you changed the date format, disabled it at all, flushed Magento Cache and still don't see any changes on your storefront? 

Most likely there is a problem with blog templates that have been rewritten in your Magento 2 Theme.

So, to fix this, first of all, check the templates in the following folder:


We recommend you to pay attention to the PHP date functions.

If you use Porto theme and have the save issue, do the following:

  1. Make the backup of this folder /app/design/frontend/Smartwave/porto/Magefan_Blog and delete all the files.
  2. Replace the files you deleted from /app/design/frontend/Smartwave/porto/Magefan_Blog with these blog extension template files for Porto Theme.