Sitemap is one of the most important things when it comes to website indexing and crawling. The same is true for your Magento 2 blog sitemap. If you want your content to be discovered by the search robots, you need to configure the blog sitemap. 

So, today you'll learn everything you need to know about the sitemap in Magento 2 Blog to ensure proper content indexing.

Configure Magento 2 Blog Sitemap

Once you install the Magento 2 Blog Extension, the blog XML sitemap is generated automatically together with the regular Magento XML sitemap. You don't have to do anything.

Note: in all blog versions before 2.11.0, a separate blog sitemap is generated. It is available via the same path as your Magento sitemap, but with the blog_ or pub/blog_ suffix, like in the

Configure Frequency and Priority of Indexing

If you use Blog Plus or Blog Extra editions of the Blog extension you can change the priority and frequency of the blog items indexing in the XML sitemap.

To do this go to Stores > Configuration > Blog and find the XML Sitemap section. Here you can manage the frequency and priority of the Blog Index Page, Categories, Posts, Authors and Tags.

magento blog xml sitemap

Generate a Separate Blog Sitemap

In case you face any issues with the blog in your default XML sitemap due to a custom SEO extension or other reasons, we have a solution. You can simply generate a separate blog XML sitemap. For that, you need the Magento 2 Blog Sitemap Extension

After you install it you can go to Marketing > Seo & Search > Blog Site Map and Add a new Blog Sitemap the same way you add your default sitemap. 

xml sitemap for blog magento

Besides, this extension comes with the same set of settings as the default sitemap. Find them in Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > XML Blog Sitemap.

You can set frequency and priority for post, category and blog index pages, and fill out blog sitemap generation settings.

magento blog xml sitemap settings

If you manage a blog, and want it to be discovered by the search robots make sure your blog sitemap is indexed regularly. It is extremely important if you want to improve your Magento SEO and drive more organic traffic.