Creating blog categories in Magento and adding different sidebar widgets ensure visitors can find relevant content on your blog faster. However, it is equally important that readers can navigate through your blog post content. One of the best ways to achieve that is Post Contents.

In our Blog extension, post contents is generated based on the <h> tags and added through a widget. So, today, you'll learn how to do that. 

Note: Blog Post Contents feature is available only in the Blog Extra edition.

How to Add Contents to Post Content?

1. Navigate to Content > Blog > Posts and choose a blog post you'd like to add the contents to. 

2. Jump to the Content section and click on widgets

Add widget in blog content Magento

3. Choose Magefan Blog Extra Extension - Blog Post Contents as a Widget Type and press Insert Widget.

Add post contents in Magento 2 Blog

Don't forget to Save your post and check the contents on the frontend. 

Post Contents Magento 2 Blog

However, if you want to display post contents in the sidebar as well, keep reading.

How to Add Contents to Blog Sidebar?

1. Go to Content > Blog > Configuration > Sidebar > Post Contents Widget

2. Enable the widget and set a Sort Order for it. It will define the position of the widget in the sidebar. 

Post contents widget in sidebar Magento

Save the settings and check how the widgets are displayed in the sidebar.

Post contents in sidebar Magento blog

You can display the contents widget in both post content and the sidebar or only in one location. Nevertheless, it will help readers understand what your post is about and quickly jump to the section they are interested in the most. 

Thus, it improves not only navigation but the customer experience, the same as other features of Blog Extra.