Once you create blog tag in Magento 2, it automatically appears in the blog sidebar tag cloud widget. In this article, you will learn how to configure tag cloud.

To configure blog tag cloud in Magento 2 Blog go to the Stores  > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Blog > Sidebar and find Tag Cloud Widget section.

Default Tag Cloud

1. Enable or Disable the tag cloud widget.

2. Set the Sort Order to manage the position of the widget on the StorefrontThe higher the number, the lower it will be displayed on the sidebar.

3. Specify the Number of Tags you want to be displayed in the Tags Cloud.

Once you finish, don't forget to save config and flush Magento cache.

Magento 2 blog tag cloud configuration

 4. Check the blog Tag Cloud on the storefront.

Blog Tag Cloud

Animated Tag Cloud

In the animated version of the tag cloud, you Enable 3D Animation and configure new options.

1. Set the Color of the tags in the animated tag cloud.

2. Specify the Cloud  Height. It determines the height of your tag cloud animation block.

Don't forget to flush the cache and save the configurations.

Magento 2 blog tag cloud animation configuration

 4. Check the Animated Tag Cloud on the storefront.

Animated Blog Tag Cloud

Once customers press on a tag, they are directed to the blog tag page:

Blog Tag Page

To define the template for the blog tag page, check the configurations of the blog posts list.