Your blog list pages are important since these are the pages your blog readers land on. How you organize posts in lists and what template you choose significantly influences readers' choice: to go on reading or leave. 

In Magento 2 Blog there are several pages you can configure blog posts list for:

  • Blog Index Page
  • Blog Category Page
  • Blog Search Page
  • Blog Archive Page
  • Blog Tag Page
  • Blog Author Page

Post list option is available on each of these pages. So you can choose different templates and numbers of posts for each of them.

However, if you don't, blog extension will take settings from general post list configurations. And that is what you're going to learn about in this article.

To configure post list in Magento 2 Blog go to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Blog > Post List.

Post List with Pagination

  1. Choose the Template for the posts lists.
  2. Set the number of Posts you want to display Per Page. 
  3. Set the Default Short Content Length. It defines the number of characters of the blog posts content displayed on the post list page. 
  4. Set the Short Content End Characters, so the sentence or phrase in the short content is not broken.

Blog Post List

This is how pagination looks like on the storefront:

Blog Post List Pagination

Note: if you want to be able to define the pagination type for your post lists (?p=N or /page/N or ?page=N), check out advanced permalink settings in Blog Plus or Extra.

The other option available for post lists is lazy loading. If you choose to use lazy loading, the following lazy load options will be available for you: with and without auto-trigger.

Post List with Auto Lazy Load

Post list options are the same in all 3 cases. However, when you choose lazy load with auto-trigger you have to set Auto Trigger Padding in pixels.

This option defines the distance from the bottom of the scrollable content which you want the loading to be triggered at.

Blog Post List without Auto-Trigger

Post List without Auto Lazy Load

The post list without auto-trigger is quite the same as the post list with pagination.

However, in lazy load without auto-trigger, posts won't be loaded until the reader presses the See More button at bottom of the list. The bottom in this case is determined by the Posts Per Page number.

Blog Post List Without Auto-Trigger

And that's how post lists without auto-trigger look like:

Blog Post List on Category Page

Blog post lists make your blog more organized. And blog post list templates in Blog Extra make them more attractive.

Check all of the other features of Blog Extra you can benefit from!