In order to configure blog post list in Magento 2 Blog take the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Post List.
  2. Set the Default Short Content Length.
  3. Set the number of Posts you want to be displayed Per Page.
  4. Choose whether to Use Lazy Loading. In this case, the pagination will be disabled and all blog posts will be loaded on one page.
  5. Set the Short Content End Characters.

Magento 2 Post List

Once you choose to use lazy loading there will appear some options to choose from.

  •  Lazy Loading With Auto-Trigger.

Choosing this option you have to set the Auto Trigger Padding in pixels which defines the distance from the bottom of the scrollable content at which you want the loading to be triggered.

Magento 2 post list auto trigger

  • Lazy Loading Without Auto-Trigger. 

Magento 2 Post List Configuration

In this case, once the reader has scrolled to the bottom of the page (which is determined by the Posts Per Page number), posts will not be loaded until he presses the See More button.

Magento 2 see more button