Magento 2 Blog Index Page is the first blog page your readers land on. So, you should configure it in a way to make their navigation through your blog as comfortable as possible.

And in this article, you will learn more about the Magento 2 Blog homepage.

To manage Blog Index Page in Magento 2 Blog Extension, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Blog and find Blog Index Page section.

Blog Configuration in Magento 2

Blog Homepage Title

Enter the Title of the index page which will be displayed to the reader. It could be Blog or anything you wish to name it.

Blog Display Mode

Choose a Display Mode to define how posts will be displayed on the blog index page. You can select Recent Blog Posts, Featured Blog Posts or simply leave it Blank if you want to build the blog index page with widgets.

Note: If you choose to display the featured posts on blog index page you have to set the post IDs. And if you choose to leave it blank you need to create CMS block with widgets to create custom blog homepage.

Posts Sort By

In Post Sort By you have to choose what blog posts on the index page will be sorted by. You can select between three options: Publish Date, Position and Title.

Magento 2 Blog Index Page

Blog Index Page Template

Make your blog look incredible with the blog Templates. You can use System Settings or Modern (List). And if you have Blog Extra, you can choose from multiple blog templates provided for this blog edition.

Posts Per Page

Regardless of the template and the display mode you choose for the blog index page, you can also set the Posts per Page option.

Blog Meta Information

Meta information is important for SEO and your blog readers since it describes your blog index page.

Meta information not only provides search robots information about the content of your page. It also grabs people's attention and makes them click on the link.

So in this section, you set the Meta Title, Description and Keywords.

Note: Title shouldn't be more than 50-60 characters, Description — no longer than 160, and using Meta Keywords is not recommended according to the latest SEO practices.

Blog Index Page Configuration

Once you finish, don't forget to press the Save Config button and go to the Permalink Settings to configure the blog index page URL.