In order to manage Blog Index Page in Magento 2 Blog Extension, please navigate to  Stores  > Configuration > Magefan Extensions  > Blog and find  Blog Index Page group.

Magento 2 Blog Index Page,Blog

Blog Index Page

1. Enter the Title of the index page which will be displayed to the customer.

2. Choose a Display Mode to set the posts you want to be displayed on the index page. You can select either Recent Blog Posts or Featured Blog Posts with the additional field for setting the ID of posts.

3. In Post Sort By you have to choose the way blog posts on the index page will be sorted by. You can select between two options: Publish Date and Position.  

4. Enter the Meta Title. In case you leave this field blank, the Title will be used instead. Note: that it should NOT be more than 50-60 characters.

5. Set the Meta Keywords. However, please, note that according to the latest SEO practices the use of the Meta Keyword is not recommended.

6. Enter the Meta Description which should NOT be more than 160 characters.

Magento 2 blog index page

Once all the configurations have been performed press the 'Save Config' button.

Magento 2 Blog Index Page,Save Configuration