Hello, Magento fans, 

Catch the news and updates that took place this February. The winter is almost over, so get ready for the sunny days and new great things from Magefan.

New features of the Magento 2 Dynamic Categories!

Saving time while updating Magento catalog is key to effective management. And dynamic category is a perfect tool for improving the creation and updating of categories.

Now, it works even better, since we’ve improved compatibility with Magento Commerce and Commerce on Cloud.

Besides, we’ve fixed an issue with the Idle (backlog items) appearing repeatedly because of the enabled "UPDATE BY SCHEDULE" index mode. The SQL error on the dynamic product attribute value update that appeared on Magento Commerce is fixed as well.


New features of Magento 2 Product Tabs Extension!

If you’ve planned on displaying product attributes in the description, you can now do that with the current product attribute widget we’ve added.

We’ve also fixed the display issue on the store view level — displaying custom product tabs on different store views is even more convenient now.




New features of the Magento 2 Automatic Related Products!

Have you ever added related products, cross-sells and up-sells to multiple pages at once within a few minutes? This extension makes it possible. But we never stop improving it.

So, in this release, we’ve updated the dependency magefan/module-dynamic-product-attributes to 2.0.3. It no longer causes indexes to be invalidated if data hasn't been changed (Plus and Extra).



New features of the Magento 2 Extended Product Grid and Mass Actions!

Same as managing categories, updating product information can be tedious sometimes. But not with the Extended Product Grid Editor which offers you a multitude of options and mass actions.

In the latest release, we’ve also added the Salable Quantity (MSI) filter. So you can find relevant products faster, and update them faster accordingly.



New features of the Magento 2 Edit Order!

In the latest release of the Order Editor module, we’ve improved the editing of the ordered items options and the refactoring of the order-saving process.

Additionally, we’ve fixed an issue with getting customer ID from the quote. From now editing orders is even simpler.




New features of the the POS system for Magento 2!

Those of you managing online and offline stores will benefit from the new features of the updated POS System for Magento 2. We’ve added customer checkout in the POS Plus version which enabled you to place orders for guest or registered customers.

Moreover, you can now benefit from a self-managed terminal available in POS Extra. In this case, you’ll also be able to configure the “I'm still here” timer.

And the last but not least option — you can enable the display of the multicart, print receipt button and the catalogue on the POS frontend. If you manage your store in German, you’d be happy to learn we’ve added German localization.

New features of the Magento 2 Admin Email Notifications!

Now you can send low stock notifications based on the Quantity per Source or Salable Quantity (MSI) to stay updated about the number of items you’ve got in stock.

Besides, we’ve fixed an issue with time format and with passing data to the email template as a string or an array instead of an object.



New features of the Magento 2 HTML Sitemap Extension!

Better website navigation equals better customer experience. Since the HTML sitemap is one of the universal navigation tools for both website visitors and searches robots, we’ve improved it too.

So, in the recent version, we have improved the template refactoring.




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