How to Create Invoices in Magento 2?

In most cases, invoices in Magento 2 are created automatically. However, depending on the payment method, orders may be invoiced and shipped before the payment is submitted. For such cases, you should know how to create invoices in Magento.

Of course, Magento 2 allows you to create invoices programmatically. But if you want to avoid complicated programming work or save your precious time, there is a better option. You can easily create an invoice in Magento 2 admin panel. And in this article, you'll find out how to do that.

To create invoices in Magento 2:

1. Go to Sales > Orders and choose an order you'd like to create an invoice for.

Note: you can create invoices only for orders with Pending statuses

2. Press the Invoice button in the top menu panel. 

Create invoice in Magento 2

3. Check the data presented in the Order & Account Information and Address Information sections. If you need, you can tweak the info in some of the fields by pressing Edit

Magento 2 invoice info

4. Move to the Payment & Shipping Method section. Here you can create a shipment at the same you create an invoice. All you need to do is to select the Create Shipment checkbox, press the Add Tracking Number button and fill in the required fields. 

Shipping and payment information in Magento invoice

5. In the Items to Invoice section, review the ordered products and set the Qty to Invoice if you need only specific items to be added to the invoice. Don't forget to press the Update Qty's button to save the changes.

Items to invoice in Magento

6. Scroll down to the Order Total section and add the Invoice Comments if needed. 

7. Check if the Invoice Totals are accurate. Here you can also email a copy of the invoice to the customers and add comments in the notification email, by enabling the Append Comments and Email Copy of Invoice checkboxes. 

Note: you can configure sales emails to define the template for the invoice email notification.

Invoice totals in Magento 2

8. Press the Submit Invoice button. After that, the invoice will appear in the Invoices section of the order view page.

You really need just a few minutes to create invoices in Magento 2 and make sure none of the key order-related information is missing. Once you finish creating invoices, you can also print them