One of the most unique product types Magento 2 offers you to create is a virtual product. But what is virtual product in Magento, and why is it so special?

It stands out because you can neither feel it tangibly, set the weight, or download a virtual product in Magento 2. Some of the common examples of this product type are memberships, services, subscriptions, and warranties.

They can be sold individually or as a part of grouped or bundle products. The configuration section contains the familiar fields you can fill out easily. Today, you'll learn how to do it in more detail.

What is a Virtual Product in Magento 2?

Magento 2 virtual product is nontangible and doesn't have a physical representation. Thus, it can be neither shipped nor delivered. The only indication that a customer bought such a product is the confirmation email.

Some of the most popular examples of virtual products are subscriptions, warranties, memberships, etc. You can sell virtual products individually or as a part of other product types.

How to Create Virtual Product in Magento 2?

1. Go to Catalog > Products and choose Virtual Product from the Add Product dropdown.

2. Enable a virtual product and choose the Attribute Set to assign it to. 

3. Set the Product Name and SKU.

4. Specify the Price of the virtual product and set up the Advanced Pricing if needed.

Virtual product in Magento 2

5. Set the Tax Class, Quantity, and Stock Status.

6. Virtual products are non-tangible and have no Weight. So, this option is automatically disabled.

7. Set the Visibility of the virtual product in your store and assign it to the corresponding Category.

8. Set Product as New From To Date, during which this product will be marked "New" or displayed in the New category if you have one.

Magento virtual product configuartion

9. Fill out the Content section and add Images And Videos.

Note: non-tangible products have no physical form and correspondingly cannot have any Configurations to choose from.

Virtual product Magento 2

10. Set the URL Key and Meta Data for the Magento 2 virtual product in the Search Engine Optimization section.

magento product seo

If you want to preview how your product page will look in search results and ensure metadata is optimized for SEO, use the Magento 2 SEO Extension.

11. Configure the Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells section to encourage customers to buy more.

Magento 2 virtual product cross-sells

12. Set the Customizable Options so that customers can choose the product variation they want.

Magento 2 virtual product customizable options

13. Set the Website on which the virtual product will be displayed. You can assign a product to the particular store view if you manage a multi-language store.

14. Configure the Design and Schedule Design Update sections by selecting the relevant options.

Magento 2 virtual product design

15. Specify if you want to Allow Gift Message in your store.

Magento 2 Simple Procuct Gift Options

Once you have filled in all the necessary information, do not forget to Save the Magento 2 virtual product and review it at the storefront.

Magento 2 virtual product gift options

These are all steps you need to take to create a virtual product in Magento 2. But this is just one way. You can also create virtual products programmatically if you prefer to work with code more. You are free to choose the method that aligns with your needs best.