Magento 2 is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms a lot of merchants prefer because of the massive amounts of products it can process. Besides, Magento offers you multiple product types to opt for.

So, if you are wondering what are the different product types in Magento 2, keep reading.

In this article we are going to make it clear for you: we will provide concise, but informative definitions of 6 product types in Magento 2, describe their examples and share how to manage them easily.

Let's waste no time and explain Magento 2 product types!

How to Manage Magento 2 Products?

Except for the variety of product types, Magento also offers an easy and convenient product management interface. In Magento 2 products are managed in Catalog > Products.

The main components of the product management page are:

  1. Product Search where you can look for some products by the keyword.
  2. Actions select box where you can do mass changes to selected products.
  3. Product Selector that helps you to select all products at once or all products on the page instead of checking them in the grid manually.
  4. Product Grid where the information about the products is displayed.
  5. "Add Product" button you press to select the product type to create.
  6. Product Filters you use to get a collection of products by certain features.

Note: product filters work in the following way — once you add a new column to the product grid, the new filters appear corresponding to the column you add.

  7. Product grid Columns are the list of product attributes you can add to the grid.

Note: sometimes you don't see your custom or any other attribute in the Columns flyout menu. Just make sure you have enabled the Add to Column Options option when creating product attribute and it will appear.

Magento 2 Product Grid

Product Types in Magento 2

Simple Product

What is simple product in Magento 2?

Simple Product — the most essential type of products in Magento 2. It is a physical product that has weight and a unique SKU. The simple product has no variations for customers to choose from, except quantity.

That is why it is most commonly sold as part of other Magento 2 products types.


As you can see from the image, there is no options for customers to choose from since this Bag goes in a fixed color, size, weight, and material. The only thing you can choose is the quantity.

Magneto 2 Simple Product


Associate with:

  • Grouped Product
  • Bundle Product
  • Configurable Product

Configurable Product

What is configurable product in Magento 2?

Configurable Product — is a product that consists of multiple simple products with customizable size, color, material, and weight options. For every simple product, there is a unique SKU generated, so it is easy to keep track of the inventory.

Configurable is the most popular and used type of products in Magento since it allows customers to choose from various options and merchants to provide a diverse catalog.


Configurable products, most often, are clothes and shoes that go in different colors and sizes.

So this product consists of Blue XS Juno Jacket, Blue XL Juno Jacket, Green L Juno Jacket, and other simple products.

Do you get the idea?


Magento 2 Configurable Product

Associate with:

This type of Magento 2 product does not associate with any other type since it already consists of simple products.

Grouped Product

What is grouped product in Magento 2?

Grouped Product — is a Magento 2 product that consists of several simple or virtual products that can be purchased as a group or separately. Interestingly, grouped products have no price since every child product has its own.

According to that, this type of products has no customizable options, except Quantity which correspondingly defines the price of the product.

Grouped products are usually used in sales and promotions to encourage customers to buy a group of related products and save some money.


Grouped products are usually a set of items sold together some of which you can remove. So, like in this set of yoga straps you can either buy one 6 foot strap or 3x 10-foot straps and 2x 8-foot straps. And based on that the price will vary.

Grouped Product in Magento 2

Associate with:

  • Simple Product
  • Virtual Product

Bundle Product

What is bundle product in Magento 2?

Bundle Product, as the name implies, is a set of products sold in a bundle. This Magento product type consists of simple and virtual products with customizable options. So, customers can build their own products by choosing between such product options as size, weight, price, etc.

Unlike in the grouped product, in bundle customers can select different product variations, but can not exclude any items from the bundle.


As stated before, customers can customize product options in bundle products. That is why you can see the price of this Yoga Kit vary from $61.00 to $77.00 (there might be different sizes, materials, and lengths of these bundle items that correspondingly have different price).

Bundle Products in Magento 2

Associate with:

  • Simple Product
  • Virtual Product

Downloadable Product

What is downloadable product in Magento 2?

Downloadable Product — is a type of product in Magento 2 that can be downloaded. It is a digital product such as software, application, music files, videos, ebooks, etc. When creating downloadable products in Magento you can provide free samples, except the actual product.


Our Magento 2 Extensions are a great example of downloadable products you can download, install and benefit from. Check our Magento 2 Extensions.

Magento 2 Downloadable Products

Associate with:

This type of products in Magento does not associate with any other product since they are all physical items.

Virtual Product

What is virtual product in Magento 2?

Virtual Product — a non-tangible product that has no physical form and is not visible. Since they have no physical presence, the virtual products cannot be downloaded, shipped, or delivered.

It is usually a membership, subscription, service, or warranties.


Our Magento 2 Services is an example of virtual products that have no customizable options for customers to choose from. They also cannot download it.

Magento 2 Services

Associate with:

  • Grouped Product
  • Bundle Product

Best Extension to Manage Products in Magento 2

If you think that once you create products in Magento 2 the hardest part would be behind, prepare yourself. Assigning products to categories, editing product information and removing products from categories take much more time, especially if you have a lot of products.

But, no worries!

With the following extensions, you will be able to manage products in Magento 2x times faster.

Magento 2 Product Grid Inline Editor

Usually to edit product information you have to go through a long process:

1.Catalog > 2. Products > 3. Find Product > 4. Go to Product Page > 5. Edit Product > 6. Go Back to Product Grid > 7. Find Another Product > 8. Repeat.

What if I told you that the product editing process could be reduced to only 4 steps, no matter how many products you have to edit?

Magento 2 Product Grid Inline Editor enables you to edit products directly from the grid. You can filter products by category, change product attributes in bulk and edit individual or multiple products. Besides, you can customize the grid as per your need by drag and dropping columns and saving grid templates.

Update product attributes in Magento 2

Magento 2 Dynamic Category

Creating categories in Magento 2 is not hard, while most of the time you add and remove products from them.

e. g. when the product is no longer on sale you have to remove it from the Sale category. The products cannot be in the New category for a long time, so you add and remove products manually when that "Is New From To Date" expires. One product is rated higher than others and you, correspondingly have to manually manage the Most-rated category.

Magento 2 Dynamic Category solves that problem. As the name implies, this extension adds products to categories automatically without you having to do anything. Except for configuring the dynamic category rules that is fast and easy.

Magento 2 Dynamic Category Rules


What is the difference between grouped and bundled products in Magento?

In grouped products customers can remove the items from the group or add their quantity. In bundle products, on the contrary, they can select between different product options but cannot remove any product items.

What is the difference between simple product and configurable product in Magento?

With simple products, customers cannot choose between any options since simple products have only one size, weight, material, etc. Configurable products consist of multiple simple products, so customers can choose between the options.

Can I change a simple product to configurable product in Magento 2?

Yes, you can. You just have to add custom options to a simple product.

How to change or edit a configurable product in Magento? Should I change each simple product?

It depends on what you want to change. If it is the description or general information you want to edit, then you change it for the configurable product. If constituent items values (like color, size, etc.) — you change it for simple products.

How to change the price for bundle products in Magento 2?

Bundle product consists of simple or virtual products with customizable options. The price of the bundle is customizable as well (depending on the options customers choose). Correspondingly, you can not change the price of the bundle product, you can only change it for the simple product variations.

How to change the price for grouped products in Magento 2?

Since customers can add and remove items from a grouped products you can not change its price (it is customizable). You can only change the price of simple products the grouped one consists of.