Although Magento enables you to create multiple product attributes, there is no option to edit their values in bulk. That's why it takes you a while to go from one product page to another and update them. But now if you know how to bulk edit product attributes in Magento.

You do not need to update any files or learn code editing here and now. All you need is Magento 2 Extended Product Grid — an extension that allows you to bulk edit product attributes directly from the products grid. 

To bulk edit product attributes in Magento 2:

1. Go to Catalog > Products and click on one of the products you want to edit to see the editing menu.

Update Product Attribute in Magento 2 Grid

2. Tick all products you want to update attributes for and change the attribute value in a corresponding field. Then press Apply.

Update Product Attributes Massivelly in Magento 2

3. Once you apply new values, you'll see them change as per your edits. However, for them to be saved you need to press the Save Edits button.

Update Product Attributes in Bullk in Magento 2

That's how you bulk edit product attributes in Magento 2. Just in a few clicks.

Uodate Magento 2 Product Price in Grid

If you want to see how this actually works, check this short video on bulk product edit:

You no longer need to go page to page changing prices or quantity. Just imagine how much time you'll save. You can update single product information or you can filter products by category and bulk edit product attributes just like we've described. 

Nonetheless, editing products in bulk in Magento is not the only feature you get with the Extended Product Grid Extension. There are also plenty of mass product actions you can now perform.