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Reviews about Magento 2 Extended Product Grid

  1. Great job !!! Thank you Magefan !!!
    Great job !!! Thank you Magefan !!!

    Review by Panos Mavropoulos

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  2. Great extension but unable to "select all" and bulk update
    The extension is really great with one exception. When trying to update products in bulk from the grid I have to select each product one by one by checking the box next to the product. When I get to 10+ products this gets very slow as there is a longer and longer load time as I select more products. If I want to update a lot of products this will not work. The extension will not let me "Select All" or even "Select All on Page." I can use the Magento "update attributes" but it would be really nice to be able to "Select All" and update from the grid.


    Magefan reply:
    Thank you for your review Jeff. We understand your concern but want to clarify that it is a known issue of Magento inline editing (you can also see it in the customer grid). It's been submitted to Magento for more than 2 years now, but Magento developers still haven't optimized it. Our technicians are also looking into this issue to find a solution and make product bulk inline editing more convenient for you.

    Review by Jeff Reiss

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  3. Great Support and open for new ideas
    We would like to thank the Magefan team for their great support. They are always open to new ideas to expand the module. Even if it is very difficult at this time, the Magefan team is always helpful and eager to answer all questions. Keep up the good work and "Stay with the Ukraine"

    Review by Gino Bellucci

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  4. Good
    This extension is helpful. it's more easier to make changes and it takes a more fast.


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  5. Great extension and superb support
    This extension has made our lives so much easier since it addresses some of Magento's shortcomings. Mass product updates, useful filters, in-grid updates, etc .
    The support team was quick to answer any ticket. I don't usually take the time to review plugins/extensions but in his case, I gladly did!

    Review by Fernando Calderon

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  6. great extension
    We have used it some time. It's a very halpfull extension.

    Review by Radoslaw Fiszer

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  7. Great work
    This tool does all I need and even more. It saves so much time. Can't handle how I did without it earlier. Besides, these guys provide great support. My request was solved within a few hours.

    Review by Tailor B.

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  8. Must have - reliable and very fast support
    Very useful extension, must have for magento2, you can do a lot of things like change categories in bulk and work on many attributes.
    Plus a reliable and very fast support, solved me more than a problem, TOP!!!

    Review by Consorzio Premax

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  9. I am really happy with it!
    I am really happy with it and the service given by you guys.

    Review by Nabil T.

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  10. inline editing
    Very handy tool,work's good.
    No problems with install.
    Me happy,keep up the good work.

    Review by Jerry Boere

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