Product management in Magento could be tough or easy depending on the number of products you have. You need to edit product prices, update related products, or any other product attributes. In any case, you need Magento mass product actions at hand. 

Unfortunately, Magento doesn't provide the most important product mass actions by default. However, here you'll learn how to exceed the default functionality with the Magento 2 Extended Product Grid.

Change Attribute Set in Bulk

An attribute set in Magento is a set of features assigned to each product type. You might need to change attribute set in case you have to add new features to a product or upgrade them to a new level.

Whatever the cause, you need this Magento mass product action for better product management. 

Change Attribute Set

Mass Change Stock Status

Product stock is something you have to pay close attention to. When customers land on your product page the last thing they want to see is the OUT OF STOCK label.

Sure, you can enable the low stock notification to receive a message when you run out of some products. However, a much better option is to sort products by stock in the product grid and see clearly what needs to be restocked.

This Magento 2 mass product action enables you to set the stock status in bulk.

Change Product Status in Bulk Magento

Remove All Categories

While it is relatively easy to add products to categories, you might find them not so easy to remove. Magento allows you to assign products to categories when you create them.

However, to remove products from categories or replace them you have to go to each product editing page. Not the most time-effective task. 

With extended mass product actions, you can remove product from all categories with just a few clicks. 

Remove Products from all Categories Magento

No worries, you'll be able to set new categories, once you remove the old ones right there in the grid.

Add Product to Categories in Magento 2

Copy or Remove Images in Bulk

Updating product images is another tedious task that requires you to go through product pages one by one. The Extended Product Grid extension allows you to copy and remove images via Magento mass product actions.

You can either copy images from one product to the other or remove product images in bulk for multiple products.

This is particularly useful if you want to copy images from all simple products and add them to a grouped or a bundle one. 

To achieve this you need to tick a product you want to add images to. Then select the Copy Images option and specify the IDs of the items you want to copy the images from. 

Copy Images in Magento 2

Removing images, on the other hand, is really straightforward. So we won't stop here.

Mass Change Product Price

When you prepare your catalog for a seasonal sale, update the price on the entire catalogue, or products from a certain category, you need to go to each product page. It takes too much time you'd rather spend on some other important tasks. 

Still, you can change product prices by $20 or 20% in bulk if you have the Extended Product Grid extension.

Just find a corresponding option in Magento 2 mass product actions. Then select the products you need to update prices for and set the amount you'd like to update it on, fixed or percentage.

Bulk Price Update Magento

Cross-sell and up-sells together with related products have a special place in your Magento marketing strategy. They increase sales and the average order value when managed correctly. 

However, when it comes to managing them from the backend, all you need is a Magento mass product actions for cross-sells,up-sells, and related products. With Extended Product Grid you can add to, copy from and remove all of those products right from the product grid. 

Let's assume you have 3 similar T-shirts with higher-priced alternatives you'd like to promote. So why go to each of those T-shirts to set the up-sells, if you can do it for one of them and copy for the rest?

Add Related Products from Product Grid

There could be plenty of scenarios when Magento 2 mass product actions come in handy.

Regardless of the situation, Extended Product Grid Extension significantly reduces the time required to edit product attributes, not only via mass product actions. It provides a bulk update option for any product attribute. 

Check out the Enhanced Product Grid User Guide to explore all of the extension capabilities.