Categories play an important role in your Magento 2 store since they help you to structure your catalog. They also allow customers to find products faster based on certain criteria you created your categories upon.

However, sometimes you need to remove products from all Magento categories or update categories in bulk.

Usually, you need to go to a product view page, remove all categories it is assigned to and repeat it for other products. 

Not very time-effective, isn't it?

In this article, you'll find out how to remove products from all categories in bulk or remove all categories from a product directly from the grid.

To remove product from all categories in bulk in Magento 2:

1. Go to Catalog > Products and check the products you want to remove all categories for.

Magento 2 Product Grid

2. Select the Remove All Categories option from the mass actions dropdown and confirm you want to remove a product from all selected categories.

Remove Product from All Categories in Magento 2

Once you confirm the action, you will see that all categories were removed from the selected products.

Magento Product Category

The best thing about this option is you can remove one product from all categories or multiple products in bulk which saves you tons of time.

However, after you remove the categories you need to reorganize the catalog and add product to other categories.

Add Product to Categories in Magento 2

Instead of doing it for every product separately, you can also edit product categories in grid for one or several products at once with Magento 2 Extended Product Grid.