Sometimes when you need to move products from one category to another you have to go from one product page to another, edit categories, save and repeat.

Not a big deal when you have to update 10 products. However, for a larger scope businesses, it can take hours considering the number of products they have.

To simplify this process you can just use Magento 2 Extended Product Grid and edit categories directly from the product grid.

If you need to update multiple products at once you can bulk update categories via the mass actions option. In this article though, you will learn how to edit categories from grid in Magento 2.

To edit categories from the product grid:

1. Navigate to Catalog > Products.

Product Grid in Magento 2

2. Press on the product you want to edit categories for and choose categories you want to add the product to or remove it from.

Edit Categories in Grid Magento 2

3. Save the changes and check the updated categories in grid.

Edit Categories in Grid Magento

Is it as simple as it is?

Well... Yes!

Magento 2 Extended Product Grid makes product management and editing much easier. It saves you time you'd rather spent on some other important processes in your Magento 2 store. And there are plenty, we are sure;)

However, except for editing categories from the product grid, you can also create dynamic categories that will automatically add and remove products from categories without you doing anything. 

If you have never heard about such categories you should check this guide on how to create dynamic category rules to find out more!