When you configure product listings in Magento 2 you define the way products are listed in the product catalog. The extensive Magento catalog configurations help you set the number of products displayed on the list, the method products in the listing are sorted by or whether to display all products on the page.

This flexibility allows you to find the best way to display products so that your customers are encouraged to search more, find more and choose their preferred product from the various available options. 

In this article, you will go through all product listing options.

Magento 2 Product Listing

To configure product listings in Magento 2 follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog and unfold the Storefront section.

2. Set the List Mode. It defines how products are displayed on your Magento 2 catalog.

The available options are: Grid Only, List Only, List(default)/Grid, Grid(default)/List.

It is better to allow your customers to change the option that is more suitable for them.

3. Define Products per Page on Grid Default Value or the number of products displayed in the Grid View by default.

However, you can change it by setting the Products per Page on Grid Allowed Values and let customers choose the number of products they want to be displayed in the Grid View.

Note: you can set several numbers separating them with commas.

4. Define Products per Page on List Default Value to set the number of products displayed by default in the List View correspondingly.

This can also be changed by setting the Products per Page on List Allowed Values to let customers choose the number of products to be displayed in the List View.

Note: same as with the grid view, you can set several numbers separated by commas.

5. Select the Product Listing Sort by to determine how products in the list will be sorted. You can set Magento 2 products to be sorted by: Position, Product Name and Price.

Magento 2 Product Listings

6. Choose whether to Allow All Products per Page. In case you enable this option, customer can choose to display all products per page.

Note: other options like 15, 20, 25 products per page you set in the Products per Page fields.

7. Enable or disable the Remember Category Pagination option.

8. Use Flat Catalog Category and Use Flat Catalog Product are the options no longer recommended by Magento to keep enabled since it can cause some performance and indexing issues.

9. Set the number of Swatches per Product to allows customers to choose from the variety of colors for a certain product.

10. Decide whether to Show Swatches in Product List since they are commonly used on the product page and in layered navigation.

11. Don't forget to Save Config once you've finished.

Magento 2 Product Listing

 And this is how the Magento 2 product listing options look like on the storefront:

Product Listings in Magento 2 

So, that's it. Now you can configure product listings in your Magento 2 store and provide your customers with as many options to choose from as possible.

Different list modes and product per page option, though being minor features, can influence your Magento 2 store customers' experience and determine their choice to buy something.

However, product listing is not the only option that influences that choice.

The better customers can navigate in your product catalog, the faster they are going to find the product they came here for.

Wouldn't you agree?

That is why, except for product listings in Magento 2, you need to configure layered navigation and catalog search to ensure the best experience for your customers.