Magento 2 categories help you organize your catalog and group products by certain characteristics. They also help your customers find products faster, especially if you include them in layered navigation.

However, sometimes you need to edit categories and add or remove some products, which is not that easy with a lot of products. 

But not if you have Magento 2 Enhanced Product Grid.

It allows you to bulk update categories via mass action in Magento 2 product grid.

Want to know how? Let's figure out together.

To bulk update categories in Magento:

1. Go to Catalog > Products and choose all products you want to update categories for.

2. Unfold the Actions dropdown menu and choose the Update attributes option.

Product Grid in Magento 2

3. Move to Categories (by Magefan) section and choose categories to Add Products To or Remove From in the corresponding fields.

Add and Remove products from Categories in Bulk

Once you Save the configuration, you will be able to see that the categories for selected products have been changed.

Update Categories in Magento via Mass Action

Check out this short video to see how easy it is to update categories in bulk in Magento:

Update categories in bulk with Extended Product Grid in Magento 2, and say “goodbye” to a long and time-consuming product editing process. With this extension, you can change the category of several products at once in seconds.

But that's not all.

There is plenty of other features of Grid Editor you will definitely benefit from. Check out all of them on Magento 2 Enhanced Product Grid product page!