Product price drives customers' purchasing decisions and is one of the most frequently edited product attributes. You edit prices in Magento often to fit your customers' needs and create attractive offers.

The default Magento functional makes editing prices a daunting task for high-scale stores. Going to each product editing page and changing a price is not an option if you have to edit hundreds or thousands of products. 

In this case, a bulk price update is the only solution. So, here you'll learn how to bulk update product prices with Magento 2 Extended Product Grid.

To bulk update product prices in Magento:

1. Navigate to Catalog > Products and select products which you want to update prices for.

2. Enter a new price at the top editing menu and press Apply.

Edit Price in Magento 2

3. Save Edits once you see the new price applied to the selected products.

Bulk Product Update

Once saved, products will be displayed with the edited price in the product grid as well as on the storefront.

Change Product Price in Magento 2

However, what if I want to bulk update prices by $10 or 10%? — you ask.

Magento 2 Extended Product Grid covers this as well.

To bulk price update this way you need to:

1. Select products you want to update.

Product Price in Magento 2

2. Choose the Mass Change Price option from the mass actions dropdown and set the amount which you want to increase or decrease prices to. e.g. +10, -30, +25%

Bulk Price Update Magento

Don't forget to press Apply to see the changes.

Update Product Price Magento

How much time does it take?

No more than a minute. However, it significantly reduces the workload. Product managers no longer have to spend hours preparing a catalog for a seasonal sale, putting the prices back after or just editing prices in general.

Updating product attributes in bulk is much faster with an extended product grid. Try it out yourself on our live demo and make sure it REALLY could be that easy.