A Year of Full Scale Invasion of Ukraine

February 24, 2022.

The day when the full-scale war started changed the lives of all Ukrainians and the world. Since 2022, February 24 is not just another day on the calendar. For us, it’s the beginning of a new era.

We thought it would last for a few days or just a few weeks. And these few days turned into 365 days of war and it's not over. Every day of this war is hard less or more for each of us.

A year of war in Ukraine

Although the first days were full of fear, tears and ignorance, we began to act and fight. We united in one strong nation, one big family that could resist anything.

We'd like to share how the lives of our team members changed this year.


"If I say that 2022 was a difficult year, it won't cover even a tiny bit of all the horrors we, Ukrainians, had to face. I consider it to be a turning point in my life that made me sort out my priorities and become much more mature. At the same time, I fell in love with our country, culture and people all over again. This is why I know that no matter what happens in the future, we'll find our way out. Because with all the love and faith blooming in our hearts, we are truly undefeatable."


"II began to value time spent with my family more than ever. I became more patriotic. I puzzle less over the future and try to try to live in the present moment."


"During this year I began to value every moment spent with my family and friends, as it could be our last meeting. Also, I learnt not to postpone our dreams and plans for tomorrow, as tomorrow may not come." 


365 unbreakable days

Also, it’s important to mention how grateful we are to our clients who’ve been supporting the people of Ukraine all this hard year. THANK YOU!

Today our work and life balance is still accompanied by everyday fight - on land, in fields, in the air, on the sea and in cyberspace, which made us strong and unbreakable.

Magefan is not an exception here. We do everything we can. Our company donates all its profit to humanitarian aid.

Join our donations to help fight for freedom.

Donate to a non-governmental charity fund “Come back alive”’.

Donate to UNITED24, a global initiative to support Ukraine launched by the Ukrainian authorities. 

With gratitude,
The Magefan Team
(Andriy, Yuriy, Serhiy, Bohdan, Bohdan, Mary, Ihor, Denys, Viktoria, Viktor, Elena, Ihor)