Display Current Product Attributes in Magento 2

Product page optimization is one task that is never crossed out of the eCommerce TO-DO list. You need to optimize product page SEO, create more engaging images and update product information regularly to keep people coming to your store. 

Product attributes, in particular, are essential on the product page since they hold a quick summary of the product details. However, unfortunately, Magento allows you to add new attributes to the storefront only in the More information product tab.

So, in this guide, you'll learn how to display current product attributes in the product short descriptions or any other place on the product page.

You can do that with the Current Product Attribute Widgets that com with the Product Tabs Extension.

Add Сurrent Product Attributes to Product Description

To display current product attributes on product pages in Magento: 

1. Navigate to Catalog > Products and chose a product to which you want to add current product attributes.

2. Scroll down to the product Short Description and press on Widgets.

3.  Choose Current Product Attribute Value by Magefan as a Widget Type and type the Attribute Code that you want to pull out.

Magento current product attribute widget

4. Press Save and continue adding other attributes if you like. 

Current product attributes Magento

Don't forget to Save a product and go to the storefront to check it.

Current product attributes

Add Сurrent Product Attributes to Product Tabs

In case you want to provide product information in neatly organized tabs, you can also add Magento current product attributes in a custom tab.

1. Navigate to Content > Product Tabs > Tabs and press the Add New Tab button.

2. Enable a Tab, and give it a Name and Position.

Current product attributes in Magento tabs

3. Move to the Content section and take all the same steps we've taken above to add Current Product Attributes Value by Magefan

4. Finish configuring product tab options and Save the tab.

Then go to the product page to check how the attributes are displayed on frontend. 

Current product attributes on product tabs

In case you have a dozen attributes and need to label them, you can also use the  "Current Product Attributes (More Information)" widget. Besides, if you just need to pull attribute labels on the product page use the "Current Product Attribute Label" widget.

magento 2 current product attribute

Providing more information about a product is easier now. And considering you can add any attributes without any code changes, you can optimize product descriptions even more.

Besides, that's not it. Once you add current product attributes to the page, you can add cross links to them to increase the value of the page and help people jump to corresponding pages faster.