Filter Products by Salable Quantity in Magento

It is vital to keep track of all products you can sell, especially when managing Magento MSI. Magento provides multiple options for that, the most basic being salable quantity. It reflects a sum of items from all sources and allows you to see how many products you have left.

However, there is no way to filter products by salable quantity in Magento. At least, there isn't an easy way to do that since most guides show you how to do it programmatically. 

Since Magento 2 Extended Product Grid & Mass Actions Extension offers you this feature by default, we want to share how easy it is to filter products from the admin panel.

To filter products by salable quantity in Magento 2:

1. Navigate to Catalog > Products and open the product Filters

2. Find the Salable Quantity field, type the number you'd like to filter the salable products by and press the Apply Filters button.

Product grid filters Magento

Once you apply the filter, you will see the products with the salable quantity you've just entered in a corresponding field. 

Filter products by salable quantity in Magento

The next thing to do is to update quantity per source in bulk to increase the salable quantity value or update any other attribute of the filtered products.