How to Update Magento Quantity Per Source in Bulk?

Efficiency is key when inventory management is concerned. If you manage Magento MSI you have multiple sources to keep track of and add products to correspondingly. While you can update product Qty per Source on the product editing page, sometimes it takes too much time. 

So in this guide, you'll learn how to optimize the process and edit Qty per Source in bulk. Magento 2 Extended Product Grid & Mass Action extension makes it possible. 

Update Magento Quantity per Source via Grid

1. Navigate to Catalog > Products and select the products you'd like to change the Quantity per Source for. 

Magento Quantity per Source

2. Choose the Update attributes option from the Mass actions dropdown.

Update Attributes Magento

3. Go to Quantity (by Magefan) and specify Quantity per source value for one or multiple sources.

Update Qty per Source Magento 2

Once you Save the changes you'll see the Quantity per source values updated, as well as the stocks. 

Edit Quantity per Source in Bulk Magento 2

Update Magento Quantity per Source via Mass Actions

The other way you can update quantity per source in bulk is through mass actions. 

1. Choose products you need to update quantity per source for.

2. Select Mass Change Qty in the Mass Actions dropdown and set which amount to increase the quantity By.

Note: the amount will be increased for all sources.

Mass Quantity Change Magento

Once you confirm you want to update the quantity per selected source, you will see it change in the grid.

Quantity Per Source Mass Update Magento

Same works for quantity. You can also update product quantity in bulk. There is no need to go to each product page separately — choose one or multiple products and update all required information right from the grid or via mass actions.