How to Add New Arrivals in Magento 2?

Related products, cross-sells, up-sells, and best sellers definitely drive customers' attention to your products and help you increase sales. Still, they attract customers to products that are already popular and sell well. 

Correspondingly, it raises the question of how to put new products out there and expose them to a wider audience.

So, today, we'll provide an answer to that and discuss the best way to attract customer's attention to the newest products or Magento New Arrivals. 

We'll show you how to add them automatically for multiple pages and change New Arrivals dynamically with Magento 2 Auto Related Products Extension

With no further ado, let's try to add the New Arrival product in Magento 2.

You need to set up the related product rule that will display new products on multiple pages of your store at once. For that go to Marketing > Automatic Related Products > Rules and press the Add New Rule button.

1. Configure General Rule Information

The first thing you have to do is Enable the rule, and give it a Name and Description which will be used in the admin panel only. Don't forget about the Priority since it defines what rule will be applied if products fall under several rules.

Magento New Arrival

Then choose the Customer Group to which the New Arrivals block should be displayed and Store View where it will be available.

Finally, set the Date From and Date To in order to define a period when new products should be displayed on your store pages.

Auto Related Products Magento

2. Define Where/When to Display Magento New Arrivals

In this section, you can configure where and under what conditions you want the New Arrivals block to appear. You can choose from 20+ Block Positions on the product, category, and shopping cart pages. If you choose to display new products in Magento categories, specify them as well. 

Additionally, you have to set the Merge Type and set whether you want related products block to be added to/instead/before/after native Magento related products. This allows you to display several product blocks on one page.

Automatic Related Product Position

If you have any other conditions to display Magento New Arrivals under, you can also do this in this section.

Since we want to add new arrival products to category pages, setting a position and specifying categories is enough. We don't need to set additional conditions based on categories.

However, the Auto Related Products extension also allows you to configure a rule based on products and page conditions.

3. Set up What Products to Display

The main dynamic product attribute we will use here is New is Yes. It is generated from the Set Product as New  From/To attribute you set while creating new products in Magento. 

Set Products as New Magento

There could also be other product attributes you can use in conditions, like color, size, material, activity, or any other custom attribute. But we'll just use the NEW attribute here.

How to Add New Arrival Products in Magento 2

4. Enable Display Modes

Display modes define how to display products in the New Arrivals block. If we wanted to display new products on the product pages, we could choose to add products with higher or lower prices than the current product, Who Viewed This Also Viewed That and Who Bought This Also Bought That blocks. 

However, since we want to display New Arrivals in categories, we choose to display products From One Category Only. This way new products will be different in each category. 

Related Product Display Modes

5. Configure Display Settings

Display settings differ from display modes since they allow to you arrange products in the blocks. You have to set the Block Title that will be displayed on the frontend, and choose what to Sort products by. Besides, you can specify whether to

Finally set the Number of Products To Display in the Magento New Arrivals product block and choose the Template.

Note: except for the default template, you can choose to display compare products and bundle packs.

related products display settings

Once you finish, Save the rule and check your products on the frontend. You might need to press the Apply Rules button additionally. 

According to our related product rule, the New Arrivals block will be displayed in each category. Moreover, as the Set as New From/To Date will change, so will the new products in the block. The cron will change them dynamically, so you don't have to do anything once you set up a rule. 

Magento 2 New Arrivals

If you want to display Magento New Arrivals products on the product page you can follow the same rule as we've just created but tweak it a little to suit your requirement. However, if you want to add new products to the homepage, create related products widget

Also, note that not all the options are available in the free extension. So you might need to opt for a more elaborate solution — Magento 2 Auto Related Products Plus.