When you want to display related products in Magento, the first pages you think might be relevant to display them on are products and categories. However, CMS pages also have great potential in attracting customers to your products.  

Since Magento doesn't provide this functionality by default, displaying related products on CMS pages automatically is powered by Magento 2 Automatic Related Products Extension. And in this guide, you'll learn how to do this.

Note: related products widget is configured quite the same as other Magento widgets. However, before you configure it, make sure to create related products rule.

To create auto related products widget in Magento:

1. Navigate to Content > Widgets and press the Add Widget button.

Magento Widgets

2. Fill out the basic widget Settings.

  • Select the Auto Related Products Block as the widget Type.
  • Define the Design Theme and press Continue.

Magento Widget Options

3. Configure the Storefront Properties.

  • Enter the Widget Title.
  • Select what Store Views to Assign the auto-related products widget to.

Magento Widget Storefront Properties

4. Define where to display the widget in the Layout Updates section.

  • Select the type of page to Display the widget on.
  • Select that Page either all or specified and define the page Container.

Widget Layout Updates Magento

5. Select the Rule in the Widget Options tab.

Related Products Widget Magento

Don't forget to Save the widget and check the auto-related product widget on the storefront.

Auto Related Products on Homepage

We've set up the auto-related products widget for the Magento homepage. However, it could be any CMS page on your store including customer account and checkout. 

Unlike the default Magento product widget, with the auto-related products widget and rules, you'll be able to provide more relevant product recommendations. It allows you to increase sales and drive customers' attention to relevant products not only on the catalog but on other pages as well.