When you need to display a sale offer, share news, or notify your customers about an upcoming event what is the first thing to use? Banners, of course. It is the first thing that pops up in your head when you need to share any kind of information on your store pages. 

You can add banner in Magento homepage, category, product, customer account, and practically any other page of your website. 

There are two ways how you can do this — via Magento insert image functionality or different Magento 2 Admin Extensions. However, in this guide, we'd like to focus on the first method to show you how you can manage banners in Magento for free.

To add banner in Magento 2: 

1. Go to Content > Blocks and press the Add New Block button.

Magento 2 CMS Blocks

2. Give it a Title, Identifier, and select what Store Views to enable it for.

New Sale Block Magento

3. Press the Image Insert tool in the WYSIWYG editor, add your banner, and don't forget to Save the CMS block.

Sale Banner Magento

Since you've created your banner via the CMS block, now you need to display it via a widget. 

4. Go to Content > Widgets and Add New Widget

5. Cover all of the basic steps and, most importantly, the Layout Updates to define where your banner will be displayed.

Magento Widget Options

Don't forget to select your banner in the Widget Options section and Save the widget. We cover all widget settings in more detail in the article about CMS blocks dispplay on Magento pages via widgets. So you can jump to it to learn more.

Once you save the widget your banner will be added to the storefront, in this case, the Tops category.

Magento Sale Banner

The other way to add banners in Magento is directly via the CMS page. For that go to Content > Pages. Select the page where you'd like to add your banner and insert it via the Image Insert tool.

As a result, you'll get your banner displayed on the CMS page without any widgets.

Magento 2 Banners

Adding banners in Magento means creating more engaging content. It allows you to drive customers' attention and communicate any information better.

However, if you want to personalize your banner and provide more targeted offers, you need the CMS Display Rules

Banners Display Rules

They allow you to assign CMS blocks and pages for different customer groups, display them only on particular dates and under specific conditions. You can check out how to configure CMS block restrictions and see how you can benefit from more targeted banner management in Magento.