Imagine that you need to display a sale offer, share news, or notify your customers about an upcoming event. What is the first option that pops up in your head? Perhaps, banners. These are some of the best solutions when you need to encourage customers to participate in your campaigns. 

In Magento, you can add a banner to pretty much any page in your store: homepage, category, product, customer account, and CMS page. You can do this either via Magento insert image functionality or different Magento 2 Admin Extensions.

In this guide though, you'll learn how to manage banners in Magento without too much effort. And we're getting started!

Add Banner in Magento via Blocks and Widgets

The most basic way to add banners in Magento is through the widgets.

1. Go to Content > Blocks and press the Add New Block button.

2. Enable the Block, specify its Title and Identifier, and select what Store Views to display it on.

New Magento CMS block

3. Press the Image Insert tool in your editor, add the banner, and don't forget to Save the CMS block.

Add banner to Magento 2 CMS block

Since you've created your banner via the CMS block, now you need to display it via a widget. Thus, continue with the following steps:

4. Go to Content > Widgets and Add New Widget

5. Cover all of the basic widget settings and, most importantly, the Layout Updates to define where your banner should be displayed.

Magento widget layout updates

6. In the Widgets Options section, select the corresponding banner (CMS block) and Save the widget.

Adding banner via widgets

Finally, you can check the newly added widget on the storefront pages (in our case, in the Tops category).

Magento sale banner on the category page

Add Banner to Magento CMS Page

The other way around is to add banners in Magento directly to the CMS page.

1. Go to Content > Pages and select the page you'd like to add your banner to.

2. Insert the banner via the Image Insert tool and Save the page.

As a result, you'll get your banner displayed on the CMS page without using widgets.

Banner on the CMS page

Add Banner in Magento Using CMS Display Rules

It may be quite overwhelming to add banners to every page separately and then disable them one by one when the sale is over.  

And then you'll undoubtedly want to personalize your banners and target a specific audience. All of this is possible with the CMS Display Rules extension helps you to configure CMS block restrictions easily.

This solution allows to assign CMS blocks and pages for different customer groups, display them only on particular dates and under specific conditions.

CMS display rules

Having all these possibilities in mind you can choose just the right option to apply in your store. No matter what way you go, adding banners in Magento will certainly be of great use if you want to drive customers attention.