Magento 2 Compare Products: Better Product Recommendations

Related products, cross-sells and up-sells in Magento all have the same purpose — to offer customers more options to choose. So, once customers get interested in the related items, they start comparing the features to get the best product. 

However, going back and forth between tabs doesn't make it easier. And that's the moment you don't need to waste. 

So, in this guide you'll learn how to make comparing products easier for your customers, without using the default Magento compare product feature. We'll be using the Magento 2 Auto Related Products Extension to enable the compare template for related products. 

To enable compare product template for related products in Magento: 

1. Navigate to Marketing > Automatic Related Products > Rule and start creating the auto-related product rule. 

We won't stop on each of the options, since they are the same for each related product rule. You need to configure the basic rule information, specify where/when to display the compare products blocks and what products to display there. 

new auto related product rules

2. Move to the Display Setting section and choose the Compare Template for your related products. 

magento auto relqted product display settings

3. Don't forget to Save the rule and check how it is displayed on the frontend.

magento 2 compare products

Note: the attributes visible in the compare template are defined by the attribute settings.

To enable attributes for the Magento 2 compare products template, navigate to Stores > Attributes > Products and find the attribute you need. Then switch to the Storefront Properties tab and enable two options:

  • Comparable on Storefront
  • Used in Product Listing

magento attribute settings

Note: enabling these two options will also make an attribute visible in the More Information tab. So, you might need to disable the default tab if you don't want attributes to be duplicated on the product page.

The Magento 2 Compare Products template helps you diversify your related products and allows customers to find the best option. However, it's not the only template you can use for the related products block.

Check out how to set up bundle packs in Magento if you want to enable customers to purchase items often bought together.