How to Set Up Google Customer Reviews in Magento 2?

Since more than 70% of people check reviews before making a purchase, you're far ahead of your competition if you have trustworthy reviews. However, collecting them might not be that easy. And that's where we step in with the Magento 2 Google Customer Reviews extension to simplify the process. 

This tool allows you to set up Google Customer Reviews in Magento, automate the reviews collecting and show the rating badge on every page of your store. 

Eager to build trust and improve your customers' loyalty?

To set up Google Customer Reviews in Magento you need to get your Google Merchant ID first. For that navigate to your Google Merchant Center and find your ID next to the website name at the top right corner. 

google merchant center id

Copy it and move it to the Magento admin panel to continue the setup.

General Settings

To configure Google Customer Reviews in Magento 2, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Google Customer Reviews and fill out the General settings.

  • Paste your Google Merchant ID in a corresponding field.
  • Specify the GTIN Attribute.
  • Choose the Language for the rating badge and reviews survey opt-in.

magento 2 customer reviews settings

Google Customer Reviews Badge

Once you finish with the general settings, Enable the Google Customer Reviews Badge. You can choose whether to Show Badge To All Customer Groups and choose these Customer Groups

Besides, you can define the Position for the rating badge: Bottom Right or Bottom Left

magento google customer reviews badge

The Google rating badge will be displayed according to your settings. 

magento 2 google customer reviews

Google Reviews Survey on Checkout Success

Another option the Magento 2 Google Customer Reviews Extension allows you to configure is the reviews survey opt-in. Once configured, Google will send your customers a one-minute survey after they agree to take it on the checkout success page.  

Here you can also choose whether to Offer a Survey To All Customer Groups and choose these Groups. However, the most important option is the Default Order Delivery Time. It defines the time when Google should send the review survey — after customers receive their order. 

If you deliver orders faster or longer to some locations you can assign a Custom Order Delivery Date. 

And finally, you can choose the Survey Style that defines the position of the survey opt-in on the page. 

google customer reviews survey settings

Once you save the settings, your customers should see the following message on the checkout success page: 

google customer reviews survey opt in

Then there is a quick survey customers will receive in their email box: 

google customer reviews survey

While the Google Customer Reviews configuration takes no longer than a few minutes. it has a tremendous influence on your store authority. It shows your website visitors a Google-approved rating on every page they land on.

Not only does it improve their trust, but influences the purchase decision-making. However, it doesn't mean you have to stop using the default Magento reviews and ratings. Combine both for the ultimate results!