Display Best Seller Products in Magento 2 to Boost Sales

Magento 2 bestsellers are products with a top-selling record that generate maximum revenue in your store. The best-seller level is based on the products, orders, and tax statistics that Magento generates for you. 

Bestsellers increase customers' confidence level and give a sense of quality and guarantee since these products are already trusted by others. 

So, doesn't it makes sense to generate even more revenue from products that already sell well?

Displaying best-selling products in Magento 2 also helps you to improve customers' experience. Popular products are being displayed in plain view which saves customers time and encourages them to make purchasing decisions faster.

Though you can display best-seller products in Magento by default, it requires you to manually set up a widget for each page where you want to display these products. 

In this article, we'll show you how to automate the process with the Auto-Related Products Extension for Magento 2 and display bestsellers on multiple pages at once. 

This extension enables you to configure auto related products rules and display products under different conditions, best sellers in particular.

Just follow these steps to display best seller products in Magento 2:

1. Navigate to Marketing > Automatic Related Products > Rules and press the Add New Rule button.

2. Fill out general Rule Information.

  • Enable the automatic related product rule.
  • Give it a Name and Description which will be used in the admin panel. 
  • Set a Priority.

New Automatic Related Product Rule

  • Select Customer Groups, you want the Magento Bestsellers to be visible for.
  • Choose Store View where the rule will be applied.
  • Set Date From and Date To in order to define the period when the Best Seller product block should be displayed.

Customer Group-Based Related Products

3. Define Where and When to Display the best-selling products in Magento. 

In this section, you can choose among 20 block positions on the product, category, and shopping cart pages. But since we want to display them in each of our categories, we've selected the Content Top for Block Position and specified those Categories where we want to display it.

Additionally, you can set up conditions based on product or cart attributes to display more targeted blocks. 

Magento 2 Best Seller Position

4. Define What Products to Display

You can basically leave this field empty and don't set any conditions since your main conditions will be to display the best-selling products. 

However, if you like you can narrow down the products displayed in the Best Sellers block.

Let's say you might want to display best-selling products in red color, a particular style, or brand. Any product attribute works here.

Automatic Related Products Magento

5. Enable the Display Modes.

Same as in the previous section, you don't have to enable any mode here since your main condition remains the best-selling criteria. Still, as we want to display best-selling products in Magento categories, we will use the "From Same Category Only" mode. 

e.g. when displayed at the top of the Men category, the Best Sellers block will display products from the Men category that sell well, on the Women category the extension will display the best selling products from Women category, and so on. 

Best Seller Products Display Mode

This creates more diversified product blocks and allows you to cover a lot of categories in one go with just one rule.

6. Fill out the Display Settings.

The last thing you have to configure once all conditions for the Magento Best Seller products blocks are set up is how the products will be arranged within these blocks.

  • Set Block Title that will be displayed on the storefront.
  • Decide how you want to Sort products by. You can display Best Sellers Per Week, Month, Three Months, and Year
  • Decide whether to Display "Add to Cart" button.
  • Set the Number of Products To Display and choose whether to
  • Select a Template for the product block.

Note: except for the default template, you can choose to display compare products and bundle packs.

Magento Best Seller Products

Once you finish, don't forget to Save the related products rule and check it on the storefront. You might need to press the Apply Rules button on the Automatic Related Product Rules page. 

How to Display Best Seller Products in Magento 2

Each category page we've selected in our rule will have the same block with best-selling products from each category. So once customers land on the category page, their attention will instantly turn to these products.

However, if you want to display Best Sellers products on the Magento homepage, you need to try auto related products widget available in the Auto Related Products Plus edition.