Hello, dear friends, 

The second month of the summer is almost over and we are happy to share the most recent updates with you. 

First of all, we'd like to say - we were so happy to be among the sponsors of the Mage Unconference NL that took place this July in the Netherlands. You can take a look and feel the mood of the event by checking some photos.

Secondly, we are thrilled to say that now our website design becomes even more user-friendly. We added a dark mode to our website which will help our visitors to reduce eye strain especially if they work in a low-light environment.  Try dark mode now by clicking the " Go Dark" button, and we are sure you'll love it as we do.


Magefan dark theme

Scroll through the pages and let us know what you think!



Last but not least, let's talk about our recent updates and new features we've added to our extensions this July.


New features of Magento 2 Google Tag Manager & GA4!

We added a Page Speed Optimization option -  if enabled GTM JavaScript will be loaded only after users first click, scroll, or mouse touch. Also, we added an option to select Product ID as Product Identifier and improved CSP Whitelist.




New features of the WebP Images Extension!

We added the ability to upload WebP images via the Magento admin panel, you can find this feature in the Plus version. We also added Breeze Theme compatibility. We also improved Hyva compatibility - Page Builder slider. For WebP Extra version we added compatibility with Remote Storage.




New features of Magento 2 Point of Sale (POS)!

In the POS Extra version, we added the display of the warehouse list for each product. We also added an inventory page with the ability to update source quantity via barcode or manual input in this version.

We also simplified the update process for the front end of the POS system (pub/pos) by integrating Composer. In the recent version, we fixed a problem that prevented products with "Manage Stock" set to "No" from being added to the cart.



 New features of the Magento 2 Dynamic Categories Extension!

In the last version, we improved the automatic empty category by disabling and enabling it when products are added back.





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