Hello Magento fans! We have prepared a mid-summer list of Magefan news and updates for you since there were quite a lot of changes this month.

So with no further ado, let's start.

New Magento 2 XML Sitemap Extension!

SEO is a complex concept that requires time and effort to optimize. Even the tiniest things can influence your store visibility and search rankings. So while you concentrate on the metadata, keywords, and page content you forget what makes your pages appear in search in the first place — XML sitemap.

We're happy to announce the release of the new Magento 2 XML Sitemap extension as an addition to the famous SEO module. It allows you to generate an accurate XML sitemaps automatically, define indexing frequency and priority and exclude pages from a sitemap

With this module, you can improve website indexing and make relevant pages appear in search results faster!


New features of the Magento 2 Auto Related Products!

Managing related products is much faster with the Magento 2 Related Products Extension, especially now when we've added so many improvements. We have added new sorting products by bestseller for the Auto Related Products Plus version.

Besides, the display mode "From Same Category Only" works not only for the product pages but for category pages as well. Now you can use the default theme template for the related products.

We have also made some improvements with the shopping cart rule validation if only virtual products are added to the cart. Finally, we have fixed the issue that appears when a rule has no "What To Display" conditions and the checkbox displaying in a template on non-product pages.


New features of the Magento 2 Edit Order!

In the latest version, we have added multi-currency support and fixed the issue with the billing address changing in case there are only virtual items in an order.

Besides, tax calculation after order items changes also works better since we've fixed this issue. So now you can benefit from changing order details even more.



New features of the Magento 2 Rich Snippets!

How your website appears in search matters, especially if you want to drive targeted traffic. That's why we've added some improvements to our Rich Snippets module so it benefits you in the best possible way.

In the recent version, we have removed the invalid price-range parameter from the Organization snippet. Additionally, we've added a current category to the Breadcrumb snippet on a category page.


New improvements of the Magento 2 HTML Sitemap Extension!

In the latest version of the HTML sitemap module, we've improved the grouping of catalog categories on the storefront, added some improvements to RAM usage, and changed some admin labels.

Title attributes have also been added to the link (A) tags. So you can continue getting the benefits of better website navigation.



New updates for Magento 2 Zero Downtime Deployment!

Tired of installing, updating, or removing Magento 2 extensions since it takes a lot of time and the website is down during the process? Magento 2 Zero Downtime Module fixes that since in the latest version we've added new CLI commands for Composer require/update/remove e.g. bin/magento magefan:zero-downtime:composer require vendor/module-name.

From now on, there won't be any maintenance pages on the storefront while you add some extensions to your store.


New features of the Magento 2 Better Admin Order Grid!

Order management is now easier than ever with the Better Admin Order Grid. This month, we have improved order mass status change and added order items into order CSV/XML export.

We have also fixed the PHP 7.4 incompatible PHP syntax error in extension version 2.0.9. So now it works flawlessly.



Improvements of the Better Magento 2 Checkout!

The checkout experience is one of the main reasons people leave their shopping carts. So you have to make sure your checkout is optimized for a better customer experience. This includes checkout page design, payment methods, and plenty of other tiny things. 

Our Checkout Extension allows you to provide better checkout on your store. We constantly improve it and add some changes to make it work flawlessly. So, in this version, we've added some minor code improvements.


Improvements of the Magento 2 Hreflang Tags Extension!

If you're managing a multi-language store you must know how important it is to provide localized results and drive relevant traffic for a better customer experience.

Our solution for hreflang tags enables you to set them up in a matter of minutes. And now that we have fixed a type error that occurred when creating a PHP object, it works even better.



Improvements of the Magento 2 CMS Display Rules Extension!

Imagine having different blocks or pages displayed for different groups of customers. This way each customer receives an offer they can't resist.

Magento 2 CMS Display Rules solution enables you to provide a personalized experience and target the right people with the right offers.

In this release, we have added rule conditions based on the order items, and order total for the checkout success page. So can add CMS blocks even on checkout pages for better targeting.


Compatibility changes in the Magento 2 Open Graph Extension!

Making your pages more attractive and clickable on social media and messengers is easier with the OG tags. In the latest version, you will find the Magento 2.4.4 & PHP 8 compatibility changes. That's why you can use the module safely on the latest version of Magento.




New features of the Magento 2 Zendesk Chat

In the latest version of the module, we have added the widget background color option in the settings. So you can not only enable speed optimization for the chat but also configure how it will look like.





Compatibility changes for the Magento 2 Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards and OG tags are equally important. That's why we have to make both compatible with Magento 2.4.4 & PHP 8. So now you can use the module with the latest version of Magento.





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