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Magento 2 Open Graph Extension

Magento 2 Open Graph is the extension that allows you to manage Open Graph Data (og tags, social meta tags), set Facebook image, title, description, the locale for products, catalog categories, CMS pages, blog categories, and posts. You can also define sharing image, text, and descriptions for such popular social networking as Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Telegram.

Since social media is very important for the website's traffic that is why you need to optimize your social meta tags.

  • Make your social media posts more clickable and attractive
  • Enable OG tags for products, categories, CMS and blog pages
  • Set default OG images, and description for your website
  • Set OG title, description and image for products, categories
  • Add OG title, description and images for CMS page and blog pages
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Enabling OG tags for multiple Magento pages
Add OG title, description and images for Magento products
Enable open graph tags for Magento categories
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Compatibility:Magento 2.3.0 - 2.4.7 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)
hyva compatible
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Magento 2 Open Graph Extension

Increase Website Traffic

Online is a new normal now, so there are many ways to benefit from all the online tools available. All businesses use social media in every possible way: to sell products, attract prospects and drive traffic to their websites. And so you should follow the same way, if you want to stay up to date. Sharing your Magento 2 store pages is not only the best way to improve brand awareness through social channels. It is also the best way to attract more attention to your brand. Facebook Open Graph Tags helps you to make the content you share more “clickable”.

Website Traffic
Open Graph Tags

Boost Sales

Getting traffic to your website is a tough call and usually requires a lot of effort to pay off. However, once you generate a steady stream of traffic, you see your conversion rates grow. Magento 2 Social Meta Tags allows you to appeal to customers on social media, boost your sales and create a steady flow of orders as well. Engage with your audience on Facebook, Twitter, and other messengers with better content.

Generate Automatic Open Graph Tags

Magento 2 Open Graph is the right way for you to go for multiple reasons. However, one of the most important ones is you don’t even have to set anything. You can use the default OG meta tags you already use for your Magento 2 store pages as social meta tags, if you like. This extension generates open graph tags automatically based on the available data. You just have to choose what pages to use open graph tags on.

Default Facebook Open Graph Tags
Facebook Open Graph Metadata

Add Custom Social Media Tags

What works for search engines, doesn’t always work for social media. Keeping this in mind, you have to be strategic about the content you share. That’s why Magento Open Graph Tags allow you to boost your content. You can add your custom OG image, OG title, and OG description for all pages of your store.

Make sure it's a good match!

Uncertain whether the Magento 2 Facebook OG Tags Extension has all the features you're looking for, or if it aligns with your goals?

Create Attractive Social Media Posts

Very often when you share your store links on social media, some unrelated images and descriptions come up. It doesn’t contribute to your customers' experience and might even discourage them from clicking. Stop wondering where this content comes from when you post on social media. Create attractive posts and drive more attention to your website instead. Be in full control of the content that pops up once you share your Magento 2 store pages with the Facebook Open Graph Tags extension.

Facebook Open Graph Tag Magento
Magento Social Meta Tags

Improve Social Media Engagement

Streamlining communication with your customers may seem impossible, but it isn't like that. Social media is a place where people come to share, talk, and be heard. It is also a place where the most customer-generated content is created. Use open graph tags in Magento 2 to make your posts not only clickable and attractive but shareable as well. Use the best social media practices to add OG titles and descriptions that stand out. Magento 2 Facebook Open Graph Tags will help you with that.


- Default Open Graph Image & Description

- Automatic Open Graph Tags based on SEO data (Meta Tags)

- Individual OG Tags for Product Pages

- Individual OG Tags for Category Pages

- Individual OG Tags for CMS Pages, including Home Page

- Individual OG Tags for Magefan Blog Categories & Posts

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Example: Product Share is Messenger

Sharing Products on Messanger

Example: Product Share is Viber

Sharing Products on Viber

Test It Now - Share This Page on Facebook

Test OG tags on Facebook

Example: Product Share is Skype

Sharing Products on Skype

Example: Product Share is Telegram

Sharing Products on Telegram

What are open graph tags?

Open Graph tags are snippets of code found in the <head> section of the page that define how your page URL is displayed when shared on social media. Open Graph tags are part of the Facebook protocol but are accepted by other social media too. Find more details in the comprehensive guide to open graph tags.


What are the most important open graph tags?

The most important open graph tags to add are og:title, og:description, og:url, og:image.


How do you implement open graphs?

To add open graph tags to Magento pages go to the page you want to add og tags to in the admin panel, find the Open Graph Metadata section, and set the title, description, and image you want to be displayed when you share the page on social media.


What pages can I add OG tags to in Magento?

With Magento 2 Facebook Open Graph Extension you can add OG tags to product, category, Magefan blog, and CMS pages.


Can I install your Magento 2 Facebook Open Graph module via the composer?

Yes, you can. All our modules can be installed via the composer. Once you purchase the extension, you receive keys to the private Magefan composer repository and find the composer installation commands available in the "My Downloads" section.

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Quick Overview Video

Sharing on social media is one of the essential points of a successful online store and a great way to promote your business, products, and services. There are plenty of platforms you could have shared your page on.

You should optimize your Magento 2 Social Meta Tags and that is what Magento 2 Open Graph Extension was created for. It works if sharing on FacebookTwitter, LinkedInPinterest, InstagramHangouts, Skype, ViberTelegram.

Check out this short video to learn more about OG tags configuration.
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