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Reviews about Magento 2 Facebook Open Graph Extension

  1. Good
    i was not able to configure the module, but team was very responsive and helped me with config. Thank you for service

    Review by P R

    Posted on

  2. Magento beginner unable to install
    I had to get our very busy webmaster to install the extension. I'm used to working in WordPress. I was a bit disappointed not to see only Facebook OG Tags. I was expecting at least Twitter and Facebook.
    But that's how it's rolling so...

    Magefan reply:

    We're sorry you had to discover Facebook Open Graph Extension doesn't offer Twitter cards. Twitter cards are separate social media tags. We offer another extension for those tags: https://magefan.com/magento-2-twitter-cards-extension.

    Review by Normand Lemieux

    Posted on

  3. works as expected
    works as explained in the documentation. recommended.

    Review by Kenny Rodriguez

    Posted on

  4. Good simple extension for OG tags
    It is a good solution module if want to add support for OG tags in your Magento sites. The support team is really quick to answer and resolve your problem if you encountered any issues during the installation.

    Review by Thong Nguyen

    Posted on

  5. Good Extension
    Simple yet very effective extension. Now we have all the OG tags our site was missing.

    Review by Gary Wilson

    Posted on

  6. Good but not perfect
    Works great but only issue we had was that the description and images were not taken from category settings IF OG tag was not set for a specific category.
    Magefan Comment:
    OG Extension works the following way: if OG description is not set, then it uses Meta Description. If the meta description also is not set - then the module uses default OG description. As for OG Image, if it is not set - the OG tags extension uses category image, if the category image also isn't set - then the default OG image. So basically it uses the default OG values only if no description/image data set for a category.

    Review by Mark Jarvis

    Posted on

  7. Effective & Economical
    Proper presentation on social media platforms is important to every site. This module effectively bridged that gap in Magento without breaking the bank. Very much recommended

    Review by Bob Campos

    Posted on

  8. Nice
    I'm totally satisfied with this extension. It is nice tool for social media optimization. With it help now I can set a proper images for the facebook and use other page titles when needed without actually changing meta titles.

    Review by Fred Milne

    Posted on

  9. Excellent extension for OG tags
    Great simple extension for OG tags, that let me add title, description & images for products and content pages. Works great as well with multi-language sites.

    Review by Eetu Tourunen

    Posted on

  10. Keep going guys !!!
    Awesome support i ever see at all my life i work with a lot of companys that they have extension.
    im talking serius that you have the best support i work with amasty mirasvit mageworx but you guys you are the best from all of they you must make more extensions and if you ll continue have this support you ll be the No 1

    Review by MOUSA AISAR

    Posted on

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