How to Bulk Update Special Price in Magento 2?

Special price is one of the most simple and easy ways to provide a discount in Magento, especially when the holiday season rolls around. 

In fact, you don't have to wait for any special occasion to set up special prices and make your customers happy. However, you do have to know how to maximize your efforts and manage special prices effectively.

Adding, updating, or removing special prices in Magento requires a lot of back-and-forth steps. You need to go to each product edit page to change it which is extremely time-consuming. So we offer you to bulk update special prices in Magento with an Extended Product Grid solution. 

To update Magento special prices in bulk:

1. Navigate to Catalog > Product and check the products you want to update special prices for. 

Magento Product Grid

2. Find the Mass Change Special Price in the Mass Actions dropdown.

3. Enter the amount which you want to decrease or increase the special price by. You can update the special price by a fixed amount or percentage. 

Bulk Update Special Price Magento

4. Once you apply the change, confirm you want to change the special price. 

Magento change special price

After the confirmation, you will see the special price changed regardless of whether the products had a special price or not. That being said, you can not only update special prices for products in bulk but also set them, if products have none.

Magento special price

Although the special price is not updated as often as the product price, you have to know how to change prices in bulk too.

Still, that's not the only benefit of the extension.  You can also update any other product attribute in bulk through mass actions or product grid.