Did you know that about 92% of consumers look for special offers before buying online? Discounts and coupons hold a special place in every eCommerce store's strategy. They help to increase conversion rates, drive customers' attention to certain products and boost revenue. However, none of this is achievable unless you know how to manage sales effectively. 

In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn all about Magento 2 discounts and how to create them. We'll also cover where to promote your coupons, and how to deliver unique discounts to customers' email boxes automatically, not without resorting to some cart extensions along the way.

How to Create Discounts in Magento?

Since Magento provides multiple ways to create discounts, you might not even use all of them. So, let's cover how you can provide discounts in Magento to ensure you use the platform to its full extent.

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Special Price

The most basic and simple Magento discount you can create is a special price. You can add it to an individual product or multiple variations of the configurable product. 

You can set up special price in Magento 2 right on the product editing page or the product grid.

Special price is displayed instead of the regular price both on the product page and catalog during a set period of time. However, the regular price is also displayed in the notation.

Magento 2 Special Price Magen to 2 Product List
Special Price on the product page Special Price in catalog

Customer Group Price

Customer group price or group pricing in Magento allows you to provide discounts based on customer groups. It is particularly useful if you want to reward the most loyal customers or encourage some of them to move from one group to the other for more benefits. Besides if you sell to wholesalers, it makes sense to offer them higher discounts.

You configure customer group prices the same way as a special price. You just have to set them for different customer groups on the product editing page. 

Group Pricing Magento

Group prices are displayed with the notation about the regular price only in the catalog. Once customers add a product to the shopping cart, they will see only the group price.

Same as the special price you can add it to a simple product or one of the configurable product variations.

Group Pricing Magento

Catalog Price Rules

Unlike previous two kinds of Magento 2 discounts, catalog price rules allow you to configure discounts in bulk for a number of products. You can set them up for a certain category or the whole catalog. 

Catalog Price Rules in Magento Category

Catalog price rules allow you to set up certain conditions (based on product attributes) to define what products to apply the discount to. 

e.g. you can create a discount in Magento based on product category, size, color, SKU, and any other custom attribute.

Note: catalog price discount is displayed along with the regular price only on the catalog and product pages. In the shopping cart and checkout, only the discounted price is displayed.

Shopping Cart Rules

Cart price rules in Magento are the most popular way to provide discounts. This kind of Magento 2 discount applies to the shopping cart and is not visible in the catalog.

Cart rules, allow you to provide discounts based on the shopping cart and product attributes. These rules enable you to create unique Magento 2 discount codes or generated them in bulk automatically. However, you can also apply a discount without any codes.

You can see the discounted price on the shopping cart and the checkout page. 

Cart Price Rules Without Coupon in Magento 2

Manage Magento 2 Discount Codes

Once you create discounts, you have to think of how to deliver them to your customers and make sure they can use them effectively.

Let's check how to achieve this.

Apply Coupons Automatically

Discount codes help you to increase customer loyalty, establish trust and build a personalized experience. However, to apply them in Magento, customers have to copy, paste or enter them on checkout manually.

It is a redundant step you can't expect them to make. 

Instead, you can make Magento discount codes more available for your customer. Ensure they will apply the code and go to checkout or any other page you want them to with the coupon code link.

It allows you to apply coupon codes automatically and redirect customers to checkout or shopping cart instantly.

Coupon Code Link in Magento

Enable Dynamic Coupons

Dynamic coupon codes in Magento are unique coupons generated for a unique recipient. You use them in your email marketing campaigns to send welcome messages, personal discounts, or abandoned cart offers. The main point of dynamic Magento 2 discount codes is that there are no customers who would receive the same code. 

In Magento 2 you can generate dynamic coupons with the coupon code widget which you add to your email newsletter.

Flexible coupon code widget configurations even allow you to automatically add a certain amount of specific products to the shopping cart. It makes applying coupons even more convenient for you and your customers. 

Coupon Code Widget Magento

Magento discounts are the better way to encourage more sales. You can use any kind of discount and apply it to individual products or the whole catalog.

As long as you provide a great shopping experience, customers will keep coming.