In order to create a new blog post author in Magento 2 Blog navigate to Content > Blog > Authors. Note that this author managing option is available only for the Blog Extra users. If you are the Blog Base user the role of the author is taken by the Admin user, about the creating of which you can read here.

Magento 2 authors

Then, press the Add New Author button to create a new author or choose the author in order to change some of his page configurations.

Magento 2 new author

Once you have chosen to create a new author, you'll have to fill in several sections.

Author Information

  1. Enable Author.
  2. Enter First and Last Names.
  3. Set the author's Email and assign this user a Role.
  4. Upload the Featured Image.

Magento 2 new author information

Content and Short Content

Enter Content and Short Content you want to be displayed in author Block on the storefront.

Magento 2 author content

Magento 2 short content

Social media URLs

In this section, you set the links to the author's social media pages such as ones on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Magento 2 social media

Search Engine Optimization

This is a standard option for all Magento 2 pages. Here you set the URL Key and Meta Information for author page.

  Magento 2 search engine optimization

Design and Custom Design Update

In the Design section, you are able to choose the Layout and the Layout Update XML. Customer Design Update correspondingly allows you to predetermine the design update. Therefore you are able to choose the New Theme , Layout together with the Layout Update XML and the Date you want the custom design to be changed on.

Magento 2 author page design

Once you Save the new author you will be notified about the page successful creation and see it appear in the authors' grid.

Magento 2 authors grid 

Then, when you assign your author to the post you will see the author block displayed like this on the blog post page.

Magento 2 author block front end