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New extension Better Magento 2 Checkout has been released!

Provide a better experience for your customers with an improved Magento Checkout Page. Offer your customers seamless checkout, easy payment and an attractive checkout page your customers will be pleased to see...




New improvements of Magento 2 WebP Images Extension.

We have fixed an issue with the IMG tags that use ['] symbol for attributes and are not properly converted to WebP. We have also fixed an error related to the PHP strict types in config.php, now the extension works smoother. 




New features of Magento 2 Blog Extension.

From now you will be able to benefit from improved migration from CSV/XML and Joomla (for Blog Plus & Blog Extra). We have also added compatibility with the Amasty XmlSitemap extension to eliminate issues with sitemap generation.

Another feature our customers will also like - is making  the recent/featured post widget title empty and not displaying the default one. We also added the CSP Whitelist for AddThis share buttons js, css, images and some minor code improvements.

Some  fixes have also taken place in this update, you can check them out in the extension changelog.

New features of Magento 2 Facebook Open Graph.

We have improved the security of the module and added XSS vulnerability prevention. So, from now on you can benefit from more attractive social media posts even more.





New features of Magento 2 YouTube Widget.

In this version we removed extension JS code from the page body and moved it to the JS files, which are loaded only when the widget is present on the page. We have also made some changes so that the name value of Video Rich Snippet is now inserted into the IFRAME title tag.




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