Magento 2 order comments allow you to keep a conversation with your customers and provide a better experience for them. While it is not such a significant detail it can play a big role in customers' purchasing journey.

How exactly?

By default, only admin users can add comments to order in Magento to verify some details or update customers about the whereabouts of their order. 

So, these are admins who initiate the conversation. If customers need to add some details to their order, they need to reach out via contact form, sales email, live chat, etc.

Then admin users can add customer comments to the order. It is an unnecessary fuss that only makes order management more time-consuming.

It is much better to allow customers to add order comments directly on the checkout page.

And that is exactly what Better Magento 2 Checkout Extension enables you to do. So you don't need any separate Magento 2 order comment extension solely for that function.

To add an order comments section to Magento checkout:

1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Better Checkout and find the Order Comment section.

2. Enable Order Comment. Once it is enabled, it will be located under the payment methods icons on the payment step.

3. To limit the number of characters customers can type, set the Maximum Length in Characters. By default, it is 500 characters.

4. Decide whether to display Magento order comments in the customer account on a storefront by enabling the Show in Customer Account option.

Magento Order Comments

5. Select the Display Mode of the order comment. 

There are 3 different display modes for the order comment. And this is how they are displayed:

  • extended

Customers won't need to unfold the Leave a Comment field to write a comment.

Magento Order Comments

  • collapsed

In this case, the comments field is collapsed, so customers will have to unfold it.

Collapsed Order Comments on Checkout in Magento

  • single textarea

Order Comments text field will be visible on the checkout page by default. However, it doesn't make it obligatory for customers to fill out.

Order Comment on Magento Checkout Page

Once the order is placed, admin users will see the order comment in the order grid.

Order Comments in Magento 2

Besides, Magento 2 order comments will be visible on order editing page as well.

Order Editing Page in Magento 2

What is more, customers will also be able to see the comment they left for order in their account, if you enable this option.

Order Comment in Magento Customer Account

How much would customers appreciate if you took their comments into account? 

Would they be happy if you delivered a product earlier or sent a birthday card when they mention it is their birthday?

They wouldn't forget it for sure. Furthermore, they would share their experiences with their friends.

So you see, Magento 2 order comments are not the most elaborate marketing approach, but they allow you to provide more personalized experiences and make a big difference for your customers.