Payment in Magento checkout is one of the most important steps since even the slightest detail can discourage customers from finalizing their order. And a range of payment methods is not the only thing that can influence customers' decisions.

The way they are presented also matters.

Default Magento Checkout provides you the basic functionality, but it is not too intuitive and attractive from the customer perspective. 

Default Magento Checkout Page

Wouldn't it be much better to add icons to payment methods, so customers can see the most suitable payment method right away?

That is what you're going to do in this article with the Better Magento 2 Checkout Extension.

So, to add icon to payment method in Magento checkout:

  1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Better Checkout > Payment Method Icons.
  2. Select the Payment Method from the dropdown of available payment methods and add Payment Image to it. 

Payment Method Icons in Magento 2

Once you finish adding icons for Magento payment methods, don't forget to Save Config and go to the storefront to check it.

Add Image to Payment Method on Checkout in Magento 2

And if you configure the default payment method in the general configuration of the extension, it will be selected by default on the payment step. Your customers will still be able to change it.

However, if there is a common payment method, selecting it by default would be a great add-on to your customers experience.

Default Payment Method in Magento 2

Isn't it more attractive?

Check it all out in action in this short video.

Magento 2 Better Checkout Extension is not like other checkout extensions for Magento 2. It's better. And payment methods icons are not the only option it provides you with. 

Check it out yourself on our live demo and explore the other features!