Once the order is placed in Magento 2, you receive a new order notification about the successful order placement. 

However, if your customer has some difficulties finalizing the transaction, you should know about that too. It will allow you to eliminate the issues if they appear on your side, and act on them if required.

Fortunately, Magento has plenty of built-in features to help.

So, today we'll cover how to set up Magento 2 payment failed email and discover why you need it.

Customize Failed Payment Email Template

Before you set up a payment failed email in Magento, you need to make sure you enabled your SMTP extension and customized the template to reflect your brand. 

Just go to Marketing > Email Templates and create a new template by customizing the variable and adding your brand touch to the letter. 

Magento 2 Payment Failed Email

You can learn more in the article about Magento email templates customization and continue with setting up the failed payment email.

Configure Magento 2 Payment Failed Email

1. Go to the Stores > Configuration > Sales > Checkout > Payment Failed Emails.

2. Set the Payment Failed Email Sender who will appear as the sender of the message. 

3. Choose the Payment Failed Email Receiver who will receive the notification about the failed payment.

Note: to set up emails for senders and receivers, configure Magento store email addresses.

4.  Select the Payment Failed Template.

5. Set the email address to Send Payment Failed Email Copy To. In case there are several recipients, separate them by a comma.

6. Define the Payment Failed Copy Method for the email copy. 

Payment Failed Email in Magento 2

Your customers experience always has the highest priority. So, you have to go above and beyond to keep it at the top level.

Magento 2 payment failed email is one of many ways to keep track of essential changes and eliminate possible issues in your store. Now that you know how to configure it, you can move on to the other important admin email notifications.