New order email notification in Magento 2 is an important component of the ordering process.

It provides customers with information about their orders which they can refer to when getting in touch with the sales representative about their order status, etc. 

It is also important to website admins since they get notified about new orders and changes in their statuses.

So, in this article, you will learn how to configure the new order email notifications for the admin and customers.

To configure new order email notification in Magento 2:

 1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Sales Email > Order and Enable the order email notification.

2. Choose the New Order Confirmation Email Sender. To configure email sender check the Store Email Addresses Configuration.

3. Choose the New Order Confirmation Template for Customers and Guests. The default email template for customers — New Order, for guests — New Order for Guest.

Note: you can customize these email templates and set the new order email templates for guests and customers.

4. Enter the email address you want to Send Order Email Copy To. This way the admin user or any other website representative will be notified about the new order.

5. Select the Send Order Email Copy Method

  • In case you choose Bcc, only one email about new order will be sent to both customer and the recipient (store representative you entered in the field above). However, the customer won't see that the email they received was also sent to the recipient.
  • In case you select Separate Email, 2 separate emails will be sent to the recipient and the customer.

New Order Email Notification in Magento 2

Except for the new order notification, you can configure the message about order comments for both customer and the admin. 

Order Comments Notification is sent in case the order Status changes or if the admin leaves a Comment.

Note: the order comment email notification is sent only if the admin checks the Notify Customer by Email option.

Order Comments in Magento 2

To configure the Order Comments email notification you need to fill out all the same fields as in new order email notification configuration.

Order Comments Notification in Magento 2

Once you finish, don't forget to Save the configuration so your customers and admins start to receive order notifications.

To keep getting a lot of orders in your store, you have to gather customers' feedback about your products to know what to optimize for.

In Magento 2 you receive this feedback from reviews which you need to reply to and analyze. However, though Magento 2 doesn't send you the review notifications, you can still configure them for admin and email.

Check out this article about reviews notifications to find out how!