The creation of order in Magento 2 admin panel isn't a common thing, but sometimes there are customers who need assistance with placing an order. That is why Magento enables admins to create orders directly from Magento 2 admin panel. That makes it easy for the customer to go through the whole purchasing process and allows you to improve your Magento 2 store customers' shopping experience.

Follow these steps in order to create order in Magento 2 Admin Panel:

1. Go to Admin Panel > Sales > Orders and press the Create New Order button.

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Orders

2. Choose the customer you want to create the order for. You can select an existing one as well as create a new one by pressing the Create New Customer button.

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Orders

3. Once you've selected a customer you need to choose which store view you want the order to be created on.

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Orders, Storeview

4. Add New Products to the order.

There are several ways you can add a product to the order. The first one is to find the product by pressing the Add Products button.

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Products

Then you have to choose products, set what quantity of them you'd like to add to the order and press the Add Selected Product(s) to Order button. After that, you'll be able to see all of the ordered items. In case you want to delete some products there are 2 possible actions: Remove and Move to Shopping Cart.

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Select Products


Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Add Products

The second way is concluded in the left sidebar where you can see all products added to the customer's shopping cart, wishlist, comparison list, last ordered products and recently viewed products.

In case you want to add some products from the previously mentioned sections to the order, just put the checkmark near it and press the Update Changes button to see them join the Ordered Items.

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Recently Viewed Products

5. Set Discounts If Needed.

When you add products to the order Cart Price Rules are activated to all of them.

  • If you in some cases don't want it to be activated you need to take the checkmark off from Apply checkbox and press the Update Items and Quantities button.
  • If you want to apply the coupon code to the order you need to set it in the Apply Coupon Code field and press on the arrow. We notify you that Coupon Code can be applied only to the products marked with a checkmark Apply in the Discount column.
  • If you want to set the Custom Price, just put the checkmark "Custom Price" near the corresponding product in the Price column, enter your price and press the Update Items and Quantities button.

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Update Items and Quantities

6. Enter Customer Account Information.

  • Set the customer group in the Group select box. It can be changed later on.
  • Enter the Email.

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Account Information

7. Set Customer Address Information.

Fill in all of the fields and choose whether to save it in the customer address book or not.

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Address Information

8. Enter Payment & Shipping Information.

Choose the payment and shipping methods. In case there are none follow the available link.

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Payment&Shipping Information

9. Check the Order Totals.

  • Add the Comment to the order if needed.
  • Put the checkmark if you want this comment to be seen by the customers (Append Comments) and whether to send it to the customer email (Email Order Confirmation).

Magento 2 Backoffice Order Creating, Order Total

10. Submit Order once you finish filling out all of the order details.

Creating orders from the admin panel you can not only improve your customer shopping experience but make them choose your store as reliable and credible. Besides, if there is a need to change the order customer in the situations when the purchase was made for someone else, etc.