The gift is the sign of love and passion we have for others. It is a perfect way to make a surprise for some special occasion. Since almost everything in our lives is digitalized, ordering online and getting gifts delivered is much easier.

And Magento is not an exception.

It enables you to add gift messages to the shopping cart and allows your customers to add personalized messages to the gifts they purchase. Magento 2 gift message is a great feature that boosts customers' loyalty and improved their experience in your store. 

So, in this guide, you'll learn how to enable Magento 2 gift message.

These steps to add gift message in Magento 2:

1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Sales and find the Gift Options section.

2. Allow Gift Messages on Order Level so a gift message is applied to the whole order.

3. Enable the Allow Gift Messages for Order Items option, to deliver orders with different gift messages per each order item.

Magento 2 Gift Options

Don't forget to Save Config and add some products to the shopping cart to test the gift message feature.

Magento 2 Gift Message

Once the order is placed, Magneto 2 gift message is displayed in the admin panel on the order view page, and the sales manager or any other admin user can view the message and act on it.

Magento 2 Gift Options in the Admin Panel

Gift options may seem like an irrelevant feature. Still, they make a big difference for someone who purchases a gift. 

However, it is not the only thing that improves customer experience. You can also check how to configure Magento 2 order comments, to boost your checkout even more and allow customers to leave remarks about their orders.