Products go a long way before customers get them delivered to their doors. Correspondingly, there are many people included in the process: manufacturer, distributor, retailer, etc. They have their own rules and obligations towards each other that keep the process going.

In this article, in particular, you'll learn about the Magento 2 Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) option, what it is and how to configure it for one or multiple products.

We'll start simple.

What is Minimum Advertised Price in Magento 2?

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is the price lower than the manufacturer's suggested retail price. It allows merchants to comply with the manufacturer's requirements by displaying better prices on pages where the manufacturer's terms allow it.

Configuring Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) you can hide prices in the store view, but apply manufacturer's rules and provide your customers with a great shopping environment.  

If the price of the product is below the minimum set price, it will be displayed with the strikethrough or won't be displayed at all. Instead, the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) feature adds the "Click for Price" button to the product page, pressing which customers see the actual price.

Magento 2 Poduct Prices

Configure Minimum Advertised Price for All Products

1. Navigate to Store > Configuration > Sales > Sales and find the Minimum Advertised Price section.

Magento 2 Minimum Price

2. Enable MAP.

3. Choose the method to Display Actual Price. There are 3 available options:

  • On Gesture: in case the price you've set is lower than the one suggested by the manufacturer customer will have to press Click for price to see the actual price of the product in popup.

Magento 2 Click for Price

  • In Cart: to see the actual price customers will have to add a product to the shopping cart.

Magento 2 Minimum Price in Cart

Once the product is in the cart, the customer will see the actual price. 

Magento 2 Minimum Price shopping Cart

  • Before Order Confirmation: the actual price will be displayed to customers at the end of the checkout process. 


Magento 2 Minimum Price Before Order Confirmation

It means that even if the product is in the cart, customers still aren't able to see the actual price.

Magento 2 Minimum Price Cart Confirmation

That is how the actual price will be displayed to customers at the checkout.

Magento 2 Minimum Price Checkout

4. Enter the Default Popup Message and the Default "What's This" Text Message that will be displayed to the customer on the storefront.

Magento 2 Minimum Advertised Price

Don't forget to Save Config before you check it on the storefront.

Set up Minimum Advertised Price for Individual Products

  1. Go to Catalog > Products and find the product your want to configure the minimum advertised price for.
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced Pricing section, set the Minimum Advertised Price, and specify how to Display Actual Price. Use Config will apply the general MAP setting for this option.

Minimum Advertised Price in Magento 2

Even if you don't plan on delivering lower market prices, you still need to know what is the minimum advertised price in Magento 2 and how to configure it. It is one of the ways to create discounts and provide special prices for your customers. 

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