We're happy you're reading our first 2024 News and Updates digest. So let us engage you with the new powerful features of our Magento 2 extensions and Shopify App that have been added in the previous and this month.



New features of Magento 2 POS | Point of Sale System!


  • Enhanced user experience by adding the out-of-stock message for products with the "Stock Status" option set to "out of stock".
  • Cashiers now can check available quantities from all sources, not limited to the current store location (POS Extra).
  • Improved the display time and readability of flash messages for a more user-friendly interface.
  • Optimized checkout process.
  • The order number is now transmitted to Stripe payments in metadata (POS Extra).
  • Enhanced image optimization.


  • Resolved the issue where the shipping method was missing during the checkout process.
  • Addressed the problem where checkout with products from different sources resulted in an error.
  • Fixed a session management issue where, in certain cases, the wrong session was being set.
  • Resolved an issue with broken WebP images, ensuring proper display.
  • Updating to version 2.3.3 caused compatibility issues in Magento versions less than 2.4.4. We have identified and fixed these issues.
  • Resolved the issue with broken images when the image was not found. Now, a placeholder is displayed.
  • Resolved an issue with checkout when the "Minimum Order Amount" option is enabled.

The latest available version is v


New features of Magento 2 Mautic Extension!


  • Added compatibility with the Hyva theme.
  • Abandoned carts improvements. Now, the new Magento field "Quote Secret Key" is available for synchronization with Mautic contact which allows the creation of a link directly to the quote (shopping cart). Example: https://domain.com/checkout/cart?quote_secret_key={contactfield=quote_secret_key}.

The latest available version is v 2.1.7



 New features of the Magento 2 Image Lazy Load!


  • Improved detection of the first visible images on the page to load them instantly.

The latest available version is 2.1.2



New features of Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer Extension!


  • Improved guest-to-customer conversion when order with customers' first and last names contain invalid characters.

The latest version available is v 2.1.5




New features of Shopify Blog App!


  • Added 7 images that will be randomly applied to a blog post if there is no featured image for the post list.
  • Added sample .csv file for import.
  • Added integration between the Shopify catalog search and the blog search.
  • Added localization. Now you can translate any entity (post, category, author, tag, comment, title, content, short content, metadata etc.) on different stores if they have different localizations (languages).
  • Added bulk actions for blog posts: status change and delete.
  • Added sample post that is published when installing the app.


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