Magento Pricing: How Much Does It Cost in 2024?

Magento pricing is one of the first things you start to explore when deciding to create a website on Magento. The open-source nature of the platform does allow you to extend the default functionally and build any features you need. However, how much is this going to cost you?

Here you'll find a breakdown of all Magento costs and fees regarding the licence, hosting, domain, themes, extension and much more. We'll also cover how much Magento costs you to maintain and support, so you can make an informed purchasing decision. 

Before we dive deeper into the Magento pricing and fees, please note that these numbers are just an estimation. The prices may vary considerably. They will depend on the number of customization and changes you need to make to the Magento core and the integrations you want to implement.

Magento Costs Overview



Lisence Magento Open Source - $0, Adove Commerce - starting at $22,000, Adove Commerce on Cloud starting at $40,000
Hosting $10 -$80/month
Domain Brand new — $10-12/year, expired —  $20-$500/year
SSL certificate $8-$1000/year 
Theme Ready-made — $0-200, custom-made —  $200-$1000
Extensions Ready-made — $50-$600, custom-made — $1000
Custom development $15-$75/hour
Support and maintenance $50-$100/hour
SEO and Marketing $15-$100/hour
Payment processing fees 2,9% + $0.30 per transaction


Magento Pricing: Lisence

The first and foremost decision you're going to make is to choose between Magento Open Source and Adove Commerce. So you need to understand the difference between these two variants.

  • Magento Open Source — is a free edition of Magento. You can simply download and install it. 
  • Adove Commerce and Adobe Commerce on Cloud (formerly known as Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce on Cloud) — is a paid edition that depends on your annual gross revenue. Thus Adove Commerce starts at $22,000 and Adobe Commerce on Cloud at $40,000. 

Nonetheless, in both cases, you'll also need to cover hosting, domain, security, themes and extensions. But we'll talk about it later.

Magento Pricing: Hosting

Magento is not considered an easy platform to start an eCommerce business. Mainly because it requires you to handle the hosting separately from your licence. 

Thus, if you choose Open Source or Commerce edition, you need to choose a reliable Magento hosting provider yourself. It could be dedicated, shared or cloud hosting. However, the price depends on the resources, performance and functionality you need. The hosting price ranges between $10 -$80/month.

However, if you decide to use the Cloud edition, the automated hosting is already covered by the Magento pricing plan.

hosting management

Magento Pricing: SSL Certificate

The Security Socket Layer (SSL) is a layer of protection vital to any eCommerce store, and Magento is not an exception. It protects your customer's information and passwords.

The price ranges between $8-$1000/year depending on the provider and the level of security it offers.

Magento Pricing: Domain

Choosing a domain name is kind of a headache. It should be attractive, memorable and represent your business best. However, that's not all the things to consider when analysing the Magento costs. 

You can choose between brand-new and expired domain names. Each has its benefits and different prices. 

  • A brand-new domain name will cost you around $10-12/year. You'll get a unique domain name and a complete control over it. You're also at lower risk of inheriting the malicious backlinks. 
  • An expired domain will be around $20-$500/year. In this case, you can rank in search results faster (compared to a new domain). And your website will also get indexed faster.

Magento Pricing: Themes

The look and feel of your store are crucial to your brand awareness and user experience. So you should carefully evaluate the options before choosing a design for your store. 

Magento is very flexible when it comes to design. So you can choose either a pre-made theme or a custom theme. 

The pre-made Magento theme costs around $0-200 depending on the features, complexity and performance of the theme. 

As an alternative, you can work with dedicated front-end developers to create a custom Magento 2 theme. Depending on your vision and the complexity, a custom theme will roughly cost $200-$1000. 

Magento Pricing: Extensions

Although default functionality is enough to manage a store on Magento, you'll want to go beyond that as you scale up. Thanks to its open-source nature, you can implement any Magento 2 Extensions. Same as with the theme, you can choose the ready-made extensions from various providers or create a custom solution. 

  • The extensive catalogue of extensions on the Marketplace offers plenty of free modules. However, some advanced extensions cost $50-$600/per extension
  • With the custom-made modules, things are more complicated. It will take tens of hours to build. So it will also be around $1000. 

payment processing magento

Magento Pricing: Development

Unless you're a developer or at least have some technical skills you'll need to hire someone to do Magento custom development for you. Starting from the Magento installation to design and configuration, it all goes under one umbrella — development. Here you have three options: 

  • Hire a Magento development agency
  • Hire a freelance developer
  • Hire an in-house development team

Each has its pros and cons, but the Magento cost for development depends on the hourly rates.  They range between $15-$75/hour depending on the developer's experience, skills and even location. However, it's worth noting that the in-house team is usually hired per an extensive period and costs around $60,000-$120,000/year.

Magento Pricing: Support and Maintenance

As you add third-party extensions and custom solutions to your store it becomes more complex. Correspondingly it requires regular support and maintenance for optimal performance. Magento provides support in the form of regular updates and fixes. However, it doesn't cover the inconsistencies caused by the code you add. 

Thus, the same as with development, you'll need to hire a team or a freelancer for that. The maintenance and support pricing for Magento ranges between $50-$100/hour. But it depends on a lot of factors since most agencies offer plans based on hours or the period maintenance is required for.

customer support

Magento Pricing: SEO and Marketing

It's true Magento excels in SEO and offers you plenty of built-in SEO features. It also provides handy tools (like newsletter subscribers and reports) to handle the marketing part. However, on a broader scale, it won't be enough to get new eyes on your store. 

So reviewing the Magento pricing it's important to mention the SEO, marketing and advertisement costs. There is no exact cost for this since it all depends on your needs and requirements. While you can go with some Magento SEO Extension you should also consider hiring an agency or freelancer.

The cost depends on the service you need. But it will be around $15-$100/hour. 

Magento Pricing: Payment Processing

The last but not least point in our Magento cost guide is the payment processing. Magento allows you to configure multiple payment methods, like PayPal, Stripe and At the same time, it imposes no fees on the transaction. The payment processing fees are set by the payment method provider or customers' bank. 

Most Magento payment gateways impose a 2,9% + $0.30 per transaction. However, these could also depend on the location and various other factors. 

Is Magento Worth the Investment?

It might seem like Magento is a lot to handle, especially if you just start your eCommerce store. I agree. The starting cost is higher than in other eCommerce platforms. 

But in a long run, the outstanding features, easier scalability and the ability to handle huge amounts of orders, customers and products make up for it. 

Besides, there are other numerous reasons why you should choose Magento. Perhaps reviewing them will help you to make a decision.